What Are you Thankful For This Year?

What Are you Thankful For This Year?

2021 a lot of us were trying to recover from the 2020 pandemic. We could all really tell some stories. But let us focus that happened. What are you thankful for? There is so much in this world that is bright and positive. We have listed below some ideas to help you feel.

Thanksgiving can be a time of reflection when we help our children remember what they’re truly grateful for: both the “big stuff” like family, and friends and our home, and the “little stuff” like their favorite stuffed animal, their must-watch TV show, or chocolate ice cream.

Thanking Tree

This is a great sit-down craft for you and your little ones. Cut out paper leaves and have your kids write something they are thankful for this year. Or instead of paper leaves, you can use your kiddo’s hands to create this Thankful Hand print Tree from Fun Hand print Art. I love how they wrote a different thing to be grateful for on each finger!

Family Gratitude Jar

Don’t limit your thanksgiving to just one day of the year! This DIY family gratitude jar will help you celebrate all month long. Use our free printable’s to write down one thing you’re thankful for each day and have everyone drop their card in a large jar. Then take turns reading the cards aloud at Thanksgiving dinner.

Card Game

To facilitate the thankful spirit, create gratitude cards using scrap booking paper and supplies. Cut out cards from scrap booking papers using decorative-edge scissors ($3, Walmart) and embellish with stamps, stickers, etc. Give the cards to guests before dinner and ask them to write what they are thankful for. As the meal begins to wind down, ask people to share their thoughts.

Gracious Giving

Extend the generous spirit beyond your gathering of friends and family. In the weeks before Thanksgiving, pick a charity to contribute to, such as a food pantry or homeless shelter. Ask guests to bring items to donate. (Be sure to give advance notice about the project so it’s not a last-minute surprise.) Place a large basket for collecting donations near the front door or close to the main Thanksgiving festivities.

Make a Thanksgiving scrapbook

Create a holiday scrapbook that will become more cherished as the years pass. Take a blank scrapbook and each year put in photos of the family and friends gathered that year; photos of all of the food served; add notes about special things that happened that day; recipes for the dishes and notes about who created each dish. Ask each person to write in the book what they are thankful for that year.


Create a mural full of gratitude

Cover a wall with a large piece of craft paper. Give the children crayons and ask them to draw pictures and words for those things which they are grateful.

Thanksgiving show and tell

Ask everyone to bring along something that reflects what they are thankful for that year. Then each person, in turn, can share it with the group and tell their story. It might be an item, a photo, a song, or any other item that illustrates their point.

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