Wekiva Paint Out 2021

Wekiva Paint Out 2021

Travel to Wekiva State Park to enjoy a day of art. The Wekiva Paint Out is here. Walk around to see the tons of artists gathered together to enjoy and be inspired by.

Wekiva Paint Out 2021 February 21st – February 27th

Sunday – February 21st. Artists arrive & get settled for their week-long stay at Wekiwa Springs State Park
6 pm – 9 pm Artist Welcome Dinner with Artists, Patrons & Sponsors

Monday – February 22nd
All Day: Artists painting all day around the Island, along the river and in the State Park
10am – 9 pm: Gallery Open at Wekiva Island

Tuesday – February 23rd
All Day: Artists painting all day around the Island
10am – 9 pm: Gallery Open at Wekiva Island
6 pm – 8 pm Wine Tasting featuring “Miner Wines” for Wekiva Paint Out Patrons and Sponsors

Wednesday – February 24th
All Day: Artists painting all day around the Island
10am – 9 pm: Gallery Open at Wekiva Island
6pm – 7pm: Preview event with complimentary Kona Beer and assorted wines
7pm – 9pm: Live Auction – Register Here if you will be joining us

Thursday – February 25th
All Day: Artists painting all day around the Island, along the river and in the State Park
10 am – 9 pm: Gallery Open at Wekiva Island
6 pm – 8 pm Private Wine Tasting featuring “Paul Hobbs” for Wekiva Paint Out Patrons and Sponsors

Friday – February 26th
All Day: Artists painting all day around the Island
10am – 11 pm: Gallery Open at Wekiva Island
6pm – 8pm: Craft beer tasting with Southern Tier
Evening Nocturne Painting at the Bar
5-9pm: Pasta Bar, $11.95/person

Saturday – February 27th
10am-4pm: Gallery Open with work created throughout the week
12pm-2pm: Quick Draw open event
6pm-10pm: All inclusive GALA dinner with live music, beer/wine (included with Gala Ticket Purchase and for Artists

Artists Of Wekiva

Randy Pitts (Poster Artist!)

Mr. Randy Pitts graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida in 1982 with a concentration in drawing and printmaking. Having a career in the commercial arts, it wasn’t until 2001 that Randy began painting.

Since 2001, Randy has become devoted to painting “en Plein air” and the challenges of capturing the light, form, and shape the landscape provides. He has continued his education by attending numerous workshops, including Scott Christensen’s intensive ten-day workshop in 2008.

Natalia Andreeva

Ms. Natalia Andreeva emerged as an artist from the rich and fertile artistic climate of Novosibirsk, in Siberia after graduating from it’s most prestigious art college. During her classical education in the canons of European art she was greatly influenced by eastern philosophy. Consequentially, Natalia’s work is a harmonious marriage between spontaneous expressions and classical realism.

Among Natalia’s favorite themes are exquisite landscapes, depicting the subtlety of nature, still life, where vibrant shapes and internal dynamics are shown in contrast to the commonplace subjects, and finally, figures and portraits brimming with humanity, and giving testament to the beauty and harmony of the human condition.

Cathy Berse

Ms. Cathy Berse is a 32 year resident of Florida and a signature member of East Coast Plein Air. Cathy attended the University of Wisconsin, University of Tennessee and Milwaukee Area Technical College. In years past she has worked as a graphic designer, teacher and muralist.

“Being an artist is not just a job. It is what I am. As an artist I interpret and analyze things I see. For example, a single tree is not just a tree, it is shapes, shadows, and values painted with feeling and emotions. Ninety-Nine percent of my oil paintings are done on-site “Alla prima”. I feel that it allows me to capture the light that caught my eye as well as the true colors of nature. I love what I do and it is my goal to pass that love along in my work. If a viewer can step into the scene I have just painted and get as much pleasure from it as I did painting it, I consider it a successful painting.”

Charles Dickinson

The infamous Charles Dickinson is a graduate of Paier School of Art with an additional two years of study at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Connecticut. Charles always feels most comfortable in nature and began to paint on location early in his education. He has continued to study nature first hand throughout his career. He has worked as a professional plein air artist for forty years.


Sally has a BFA in Graphic Design and Fine Art from the University of South Carolina. She began her career as a graphic artist and transitioned into becoming a full time painter in the early 90’s. Expressive use of color and bold designs are the hallmarks of her style. Her subject matters range from plein air painting to figurative works of dogs and amimals. She works with pastels, acrylics and mixed media.

Currently US Airways features her paintings in the US Airways Club at Tampa International Airport. Her paintings were also on display in the American Embassy in Rome, through the Art and Embassies Program in 2001. Sally’s work has been selected as the featured art for several art festivals in Florida over the past ten years. “Santa Fe Poppies” graced the cover of Tampa Bay Magazine in their September-October of 2002 issue. In Spring 2011 Sally was the featured artist of The New Barker magazine with her painting of “Bella and Bentley”.

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