Top Florida Summer Camps 2022!

Top Florida Summer Camps 2022!

Top Florida Summer Camps 2022! Spending the summer at a camp in Florida is a dream come true for thousands of young people each and every year, giving them an opportunity to enjoy all of the outdoor and wilderness adventures that Florida has to offer – with plenty of water sports to enjoy as well.

Camp Kulaqua

Located in northern Florida, visitors to this camp are going to find a faith-based program designed to accommodate campers of almost all ages. Giving them plenty of opportunity to soak in the summer sunshine in the north of Florida. While also learning about the outdoors, learning how to communicate and collaborate, strengthening and reaffirming their Christian faith all at the same time.

On-site natural springs, exotic animal zoo, water park, and horseback courses are available for the campers to enjoy. Campers return year after year – with many of them “graduating” from being a camper. And becoming a camp counselor later on in life because of the memories and friendships that they built while they were at this sleep away camp.

Camp Ogle

Camp Ogle is a historical simulation academic camp. Each week will feature a different interactive section of world history. As campers will spend a week living in different periods of history and playing a role in the successful development of their own civilization. Camp Ogle provides children a summer opportunity to not only learn about important events of the past. But also to experience them. Students will strategize, they’ll think, they’ll smile, and they’ll play inside and outside. All while learning about the history, making new friends, and having so much fun.

Camp Boomerang

Kids ‘R’ Kids Avalon Park Camp Boomerang registration is open to all elementary aged students in Orlando!!Join us for 10 different weeks of summer fun activities! From picnics and field trips to splash pad days and crafts, we’ve got something fun for every kid! Don’t let your elementary aged child miss out on a summer of fun and learning!

Camp Live Oak Summer Camp

This summer camp is the only ACA accredited summer camp facility in the entirety of Broward County. It’s also one of the most popular summer camps in the state year after year thanks to the reputation it has built up over the years.

Voted the Best Summer Camp in the State of Florida a handful of times already. This summer camp is a nonprofit organization designed to help make sure that every child that wishes to attend camp in the state has an opportunity to do so – no matter what.

Camper scholarships are available to those that might not have had the financial means to attend camp otherwise. With a friendly and easy to navigate application process available online. Each year, thousands of kids get to go camping because of these kinds of scholarships. Then have the opportunity to make lifelong memories and friendships they wouldn’t have been able to create without them.

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