Top 3 Best Things To Do With Your Dog In Orlando

Top 3 Best Things To Do With Your Dog In Orlando

Discover the top 3 best things to do with your dog in Orlando! Embark on unforgettable adventures with your furry friend in Orlando! This vibrant city offers a plethora of activities catering to both you and your canine companion. Whether you crave outdoor escapades, retail therapy, or a relaxing drink, Orlando has something special for every dog owner. Here are the top three things to do with your dog in Orlando:

Outdoor Adventures Are Obviously One Of The Top 3 Best Things To Do With Your Dog In Orlando

Explore Lake Eola Park:

Lake Eola Park stands out as a must-visit for dog owners in Orlando. Situated in downtown Orlando, this picturesque greenspace beckons you and your pup to revel in the great outdoors. Take leisurely strolls around the lake, unwind in the picnic areas, or explore the weekly Orlando Farmers Market, offering fresh produce, prepared foods, crafts, and pet supplies.

Discover Bok Tower Gardens:

Immerse yourself and your four-legged friend in tranquility at Bok Tower Gardens. This historic landmark warmly welcomes leashed dogs, providing a serene backdrop for quality bonding time. Wander through the beautiful paths and lawns amidst breathtaking scenery.

Enjoy Lake Baldwin Park:

Located in the charming suburb of Winter Park, Lake Baldwin Park spans 23 acres of green space, boasting a sandy beach and an off-leash area for dogs from dawn till dusk. Let your pup roam freely while you soak in the scenic surroundings.

Retail Therapy And Dining Delights

Shop at Park Avenue:

Indulge in a shopping spree at Winter Park’s Park Avenue, a paradise for leashed dogs and their owners alike. Explore upscale boutiques, browse eclectic stores, and treat yourself and your pup to a meal at one of the many dog-friendly restaurants.

Visit Celebration Town Center:

Just a short distance from Walt Disney World, Celebration Town Center invites you and your leashed pet to explore its outdoor shopping plaza. Don’t miss Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming for some delectable treats for your furry friend.

top3 best things to do with your dog in Orlando

Relax With Your Pup At Wop’s Hops Brewing Company

Savor Craft Brews at Wop’s Hops:

Sanford’s premier microbrewery, Wop’s Hops Brewing Company, offers a diverse selection of house-made beers on tap. Treat yourself to a refreshing drink while your pup enjoys Wop-Sicles or non-alcoholic Bowser Beer by your side.

Orlando embraces its status as a dog-friendly city, providing endless opportunities for you and your pup to create cherished memories together. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, indulging in retail therapy, or relaxing with a cold brew, these 3 best things to do with your dog in Orlando are guaranteed to make your adventure unforgettable for both of you.

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