Tips To Finding the Best Babysitters In Winter Park

Your little ones are the sun to your solar system- your life revolves around them. You can find the best babysitters In Winter Park! We get it: you’re tired, overworked and a scary monster if you don’t have your coffee in the morning. You’ve been so busy you don’t remember the last time you got that *bow chicka wow wow*. On a serious note, it’s easy to let your relationship with your partner slip through the cracks, especially with the day to day routine with kids and work. You are not alone, as this is quite common for busy parents. Studies have found that date nights are important for marriage and increase the success and longevity of relationships. The challenge is finding a sitter for date night that has killer dance moves and can get your kid to chill out. Here are a few tips to find the perfect baby sitter:

1. Put Aside Any Reservations On Price

For those frugal-minded parents, the idea of forking over money for a sitter can feel like the end of the world. It may feel like a mini stroke every time you open your wallet but think of the value that you are getting out of it. A date night with your partner will strengthen your connection, rekindle the fires of romance, and you’ll finally get some of that *bow chicka wow wow* you’ve been missing out on for the past couple months. It must be a proper date though – getting Uber Eats in your pajamas does not count. If you insist on saving money on a sitter, ask your parents or in-laws if they can watch the little nuggets.

2. Make Your Search Easy With Apps And Websites

Many parents hire babysitters via word of mouth or personal connections. However, you might not have anyone in your immediate network that is reliable or available for the job. Lucky for you, we live in a golden age of technology. There are plenty of websites and apps that are like Tinder for finding a sitter. Sites like or apps like Sittercity have profiles of sitters in your area, complete with reviews and photos. You’ll feel better viewing a profile than browsing through shady Craigslist posts.

3. Interview Every Potential Sitter

A babysitter is another job, like a doctor or electrician. Don’t skip out on vetting the individual who is going to be watching over your mini-me’s while you are gone. You want to find someone you can trust with your precious cargo. Ask for a list of references for every sitter that you potentially hire. When you meet the sitter, go over a list of questions about their skills, background, and personal ethics. Basic interview questions – If you don’t know what questions to ask, here is an interview template provided by

4. Ask Your Potential Sitter About Safety

God forbid a fire starts while you’re gone, or your kid is choking on a dinosaur nugget. You’ll want to make sure your sitter is equipped to handle it. Make sure your sitter is capable of looking out for your child’s physical safety.

5. Look Out For Red Flags In A Potential Babysitter

Some parents make the mistake of overlooking how important it is to get a good babysitter. Finding a babysitter is more than just getting someone to “watch your kids for a few hours”. This individual is going to be watching your life’s blood while you are gone. Are you going to let a perfect stranger do that? Hells to the NO.

6. Do A Kid Test

A potential sitter might pass your interview with flying colors – but is she going to be good with your children? Do a trial run to make sure that the sitter handles your kids well. Do you like their style? Their teaching skills? The way they may discipline? How do your kids connect with the individual? Are they a “Flat Earther”? Kidding on that last one….

7. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

This is for those last-minute moms and dads aka “Master Procrastinator”. You know who you are! If you don’t already have a babysitter chosen, set aside some time to search. It might take awhile to find the right fit. This is essential to finding the best babysitters in Winter Park.

8. Have A Backup Sitter

On the off chance that your first-choice babysitter is not available get a backup sitter in your contact list. Now, go have a head-over-heels, romance novel-worthy date with your partner. You did the work and found the perfect sitter to watch your kids. Now the fun begins – the “adult fun” that is. Time to swap out the capri-sun packs for a glass of chardonnay. What better way to start off the evening than dinner at that amazing restaurant on Park Ave with that delicious food you love? Go ahead and spoil yourselves mom and dad, you deserve it!

If you follow these guidelines, you can find the Best Babysitters In Winter Park!

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