The Winter Park Nature Photography Contest

The Winter Park Nature Photography Contest

Calling all photographers! Winter Park invites you to capture the city’s non-invasive plants and wildlife within city parks and other green spaces. Join us for the Winter Park Nature Photography Contest! Winter Park serendipitously began the contest on what happens to be National Nature Photography Day. Use this chance to show off your photography skill and capture the perfect images of our local nature.

How To Participate In The Winter Park Nature Photography Contest

Keep Winter Park Beautiful (KWPB) invites you to participate in the inaugural Nature Photography Contest. Entry photos must be taken in public parks and spaces within Winter Park city boundaries. All photos submitted must feature public parks and spaces within our Winter Park boundaries.


The City of Winter Park’s KWPB program was named an official affiliate of Keep America Beautiful 30 years ago. Since then the KWPB has raised funds for projects and endorses beautification throughout our community. The Winter Park Nature Photography Contest promotes KWPB’s goal of improving the quality, sustainability, and beauty of our community in order to create a healthier, more enjoyable place to live and work for Winter Park residents and future generations.

This contest will show off Winter Park’s environmental assets. Each contestant can enter up to two photographs. Twelve photographs will be selected to be showcased electronically on the Natural Resources & Sustainability Facebook page as well as displayed on the City of Winter Park’s digital displays through the month of August 2023.


If you’re interested, complete the entry form HERE and review the 2023 Nature Photography Contest Rules on the second and third pages.

Photos should highlight the natural beauty of Winter Park. This may only include public parks and spaces. Contestants must provide a description for each image. Be sure to describe the location where the photo was taken, along with any plants or wildlife that may also be shown in the photo. Do not add anything digitally, not even signatures or watermarks. However, you may add dust spots, nothing should be taken away. Normal processing of RAW image files and minor adjustments to color and contrast are acceptable, as is minimal cropping.

Images must be submitted in .jpg format, each with a minimum size of 1 MB and a maximum size of 2 MB. The file name of the photo should read: Entrant’s Last Name, Entrant’s First Name, and Title of Work. Prizes will only be awarded to the person whose name is on the registration form at the time of submission. Entrants shall not infringe on the rights of any other photographer or person or submit images that involve the willful harassment of wildlife or damage to the environment by the photographer.

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