The Rollins Museum Of Art Announces New Exhibitions For Fall | 2022

The Rollins Museum Of Art Announces New Exhibitions For Fall | 2022

The Rollins Museum of Art recently unveiled its new exhibitions for Fall 2022. The new Rollins Museum of Art exhibitions will include multiple installments. The new exhibitions will focus on work from the museum’s wide collection, recently acquired works, and specialty presentations. This season’s exhibitions eagerly invite visitors to ponder on the natural wonders all around us. Immerse yourself in the worldly cultures of the Middle East including Iran, India, and Turkey. Visitors will take a journey through historic works new to the museum’s collection. Each exhibit promises to spark conversation and provoke self-reflection among visitors new and old.

Featured: Modern Art From The Middle East In The 60’s And 70’s

Modern art explores aspects of Iranian, Indian, and Turkish art from the 1960s and 1970s through handpicked works from the Abby Weed Grey Collection of Modern Asian and Middle Eastern Art at New York University’s Grey Art Gallery. This collection features a plethora of works from each of Iran, Turkey, and India. These are works created by artists who referenced their specific cultures while also engaging in global discourses around key issues of modernism. This is the first museum exhibition to bring together modern works from these three specific countries.

Barbara Sorensen Will Be Part Of The New Rollins Museum Of Art Exhibit

Billows by Barbara Sorensen’s is a new installation included in the Fall exhibition at the Rollins Museum of Art. Included are sculptural interpretations of the natural world. Billows breaks free of all shackles; as metal pieces in suspension discharge energy and encapsulate transitory power of the wind. Billows re-visits movement in the sky and stands in contrast to the material while the subtle elegance and weightlessness defy the rigid metal structure.

One Act of Kindness: A World Of Difference: Brings A New Meaning To “Pay It Forward”

Working together with the 2022 Rollins College Common Read theme, “Empathy and Compassion,” this exhibition studies the ways in which artistic expression encourages self-reflection. By sharing personal stories as well as exploring historical events, the artists consider ways to relate to the experiences of others. The installation exhibits creations by Guillermo Galindo, Patrick Martinez, Monte Olinger, and Joe Wardwell. The exhibition also highlights the importance of putting yourself in the position of others and seeing the world through a different lens. By practicing this, we create connections, build empathy, and develop a deeper understanding of those around us. The works on view invite us to reflect on how we relate to others as well as on acts of kindness that lead to significant, positive, impacts on our fellow man.

What’s New? Recently Acquired Works From The Andersen Foundation

This installation highlights newly acquired works on a rotating basis. This allows the museum to share some of its new treasures shortly after they’ve become acquired. This selection has been curated from a group of transformational gifts from the local Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation, Inc. These works highlight some of the most important American artists from the 1700’s and 1800’s. This rotation of six pieces are part of a larger collection of more than 20 works on loan. Works on view will include historic paintings by William Merritt Chase, Thomas Moran, James Peale, Elihu Vedder, and William Williams.

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