The newest Christmas trend: HOT CHOCOLATE BOMBS!

The newest Christmas trend: HOT CHOCOLATE BOMBS!

This year has been anything but sweet to us. So, take advantage of the hottest and most sweet Christmas trend going on right now! Hot chocolate bombs are the perfect treat when you are coming in from the cold weather. Or just when you need a little sip of Christmas to help cheer up your day. Take a look at where the trend started and how to make your very own.

Top Desert Trend

By now, you must have seen at least a few tik toks showing off these delightful chocolate bombs. Hot cocoa bombs are the hottest trend of the season and are selling out fast. However, there are some hot chocolate bomb recipes on TikTok that you can try to make right at home, so you do not miss out on this tasty fad.


Wilton sprinkles

Decorating bags

Decorating bag tips (I used #5)

Decorating bag couplers

Clear cellophane bags (optional, for gifting)


2 cups Couverture milk chocolate I used Callebaut
1 cup Couverture white chocolate for decorating
3 cups milk to drop bombs into (1 for each bomb)
2 packs Hot chocolate powder mix I used 1/2 pack Swiss Miss for each bomb
1 bag Mini marshmallows optional

The First Steps

Start off by melting your milk chocolate. Set it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Make sure to save a little bit of this chocolate to help you seal the sides later.

Part Two

Start stirring your chocolate until it is nice and melted all the way. After stirring for a bit and the chocolate does not become fully soft and melted set it back in the microwave for another 15 seconds. That should be just enough time to have it melt while you stir for the second time. Remember you don’t want to burn your chocolate!

Don’t Break It!

Use your spoon to paste the chocolate to the sides and bottom of your molds. Do not make the chocolate too thin, you do not want it to break.

Freeze Your Chocolate

Place your chocolate molds into the freezer for 5minutes. After 5 minutes is up, take out your molds and the chocolate should be frozen hard.

This Is Not The Time To Rush

Carefully turn your molds upside down on your counter or table and unfold the chocolate from the mold. It is easier to do this by placing your thumb on the top of the mold as you peel it away from the chocolate.

Fill Up Your Bombs

Here comes the fun part! Fill up half of your chocolate sphere with a bag of hot chocolate powder and marsh mellows. If you want to get even fancier, you can add in some candy cane shavings. Next. Fill up a decorating bag with your extra left-over chocolate. (You might have to reheat your chocolate just a little bit to help melt it again) You want the chocolate to be loose when you pipe it, it is not easy when the chocolate is thick.

Time to decorate

Take your now filled decorating bag and gently pipe the other side of your filled chocolate sphere. (You can let some come out of the side so it’s easier to help decorations stick to the sides). Place the second half of the sphere on top to seal the chocolate bomb.

The Best Part of All

It is time to decorate! Decorate your chocolate bomb with whatever toppings you choose. Some common toppings include red and green sprinkles, melted white chocolate and caramel, and crushed peppermint.

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