The Milkhouse: The New Restaurant Concept That Everyone Wants To Try

The Milkhouse: The New Restaurant Concept That Everyone Wants To Try

The Milkhouse is a new restaurant concept that everyone wants to try. It is not another food hall like the ones you see sprouting up around Florida. The Milkhouse is something special and innovative and not what most people would expect. Luckily, we were invited for a food review and we’re super excited to tell you about it!

The Milkhouse is a modern, stylish, and cozy restaurant and bar. It’s the type of place that you could easily hang out at for hours. Although it isn’t a food hall, it’s not your typical restaurant either. The size is that of a normal restaurant but houses multiple options inside. The large bar takes center stage while the Swine & Sons kitchen sits behind it. The beers on tap come from the Ravenous Pig brewery and at the register you have Foxtail Coffee. Near the front door, you have a small counter where you can order Kelly’s Ice Cream. This concept isn’t as overwhelming as some food halls you may have experienced. In short, Milkhouse is a restaurant that gathers its offerings from other local favorites and stashes them all in one spot. It’s truly a great atmosphere and a lot of fun, with something for everyone.

What About Food At The Milkhouse?

At The Milkhouse, Swine & Sons is serving up a brand-new menu. We were lucky enough to meet Chef Lexi and taste a few of her new delectable creations. Chef Lexi is a stickler for quality and that shows through her attention to detail, flavor combinations, and product sourcing. Chicken is sourced from Bell & Evans, a highly respected farm that provides 100% organic and antibiotic-free chicken. Buns are sourced from Olde Hearth Bread Company here in Central Florida, and Chef Lexi runs a scratch kitchen while serving homemade sauces and even homemade syrups for cocktails. You cannot ask for more from a kitchen than that. The best part? Everything on the menu is less than $15!

We Say Pimento, You Say “Mmmm”

We always write about what our host recommends we try. I don’t know if we could have been recommended anything better this time around. We began with Pimento & Pretzels which is exactly what it sounds like. Homemade, soft pretzel bites were served warm and dusted with parmesan. On the side, we have homemade pimento cheese which was the best pimento cheese we’ve personally ever had. You’ll also have a side of homemade honey mustard to go along with it. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better soft pretzel and the pimento cheese and honey mustard are unlike any other you’ve had before. If it weren’t for the rest of our meal, we could have easily made a meal just out of these super tasty pretzel bites. They are perfect! Perfectly flavorful, fluffy, and warm. Try some on your next visit!

A Chicken Goes To Thailand And ComeS Back A Sandwich

Okay, folks, this is a monster and definitely our new craving. You know how every once in a while, you have something new and it’s just so tasty and satisfying that you can’t put it down? Then, about a week later you’re driving somewhere and you get hit with this wave of cravings and you just HAVE to get yourself another order of whatever it may have been the week prior. That is the Chiang Mai Hot Chicken sandwich.

Oh man, what a treat! First, it’s the Olde Hearth bun that has been toasted just enough to become extra crispy on the top while still super fluffy in the middle. Then you get to the pickled papaya and the extra crispy Bell & Evans chicken that is combined with the Northern Thai spice blend. You’re halfway through your fist bite and as you chew the heat begins to kick in. But it’s a good heat, not an overwhelming heat. Then you get the pickled papaya and the sweet flavor balances out the heat while the other flavors pair perfectly…. It’s a dream. This may be the best hot chicken sandwich we’ve ever had. There’s so much going on but it’s all premeditated and harmonious which creates a whole new flavor. This is an absolute MUST try! Chef Lexi deserves a round of applause for this one and we will be back, most definitely, to have it again.

Be sure you order a cocktail to go with the Chiang Mai Hot Chicken. Rachel, our mixologist/Milkhouse Sherpa recommended that we try the La Imitadora. She said it goes extremely well with the Chiang Mai Hot Chicken and she could not have been more right. With Mezcal, tequila, ancho verde, ginger, hibiscus, lime, and honey it is the absolute perfect pairing for the Chiang Mai. The flavors match so well together and the house-made cocktail syrups make a huge difference in the overall taste and quality of the cocktail.

I’ll Have A Side Of Burger With My Onions

If you’ve read any of our other food reviews you’ll probably recall that we love burgers. The Ok Onion burger is served on that crisp, fluffy, Olde Hearth bun with 2 smash patties, grilled onions, plenty of cheese, and an amazing house-made Comeback sauce, and pickles. Smash burgers are one of the tastiest burger types you can get. This is inherently American. We’re sort of at a loss for words. It is so good! It’s juicy, well-seasoned and cooked, the bun is PERFECT, the grilled onions are fantastic and also cooked well, and then you have the comeback sauce. It’s an all-around great burger. If Gordon Ramsey recreated a Big Mac, made his own sauce, and buns, and made his own smash burger patties he would probably end up with something similar to the Ok Onion burger. There’s nothing bad to say about this. If you are a burger lover in the Central Florida area, you HAVE to go and have one.

It’s also served with a side of homemade, extra crispy, seasoned curly fries. We’re not afraid to admit that we ate some cold out of the refrigerator later in the day and they tasted just as good as they did at The Milkhouse. You owe it to yourself to try one of these gems.

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