The Incredible Power of Classical Music

There is no denying that classical music plays a significant part in Western music culture.  However, it’s popularity with millennials has dwindled, especially in an era of mumble rap and trap hip hop. It’s natural for music to evolve over time, which is how we end up with so many genres, sub-genres and styles of music. Pop contemporary music, hip-hop and country are popular genres among millennials. Surprisingly, a  recent study conducted by Spotify found that millennials are eclectic in the type of music that they consume. In fact, 85% of millennials say their music taste doesn’t fall into one specific category of music. Classical music may come of as antiquated, however, it is considered “classical” for a reason.  Millennials should embrace classical music, which has health benefits as well as a rich history and sound.

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A Shift In The Popularity Of Classical Music With Millennials

Classic FM, a widely-known classical music station, has seen a 30% leap of popularity in classical music with millennials. These results are quite surprising, given the popularity of contemporary pop music with millennials. One of the reasons for the spike in popularity is film scores of popular millennial tv and film franchises. According to Classic FM, some of the most popular film scores of the past 25 years include  Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Another surprising reason with the surge in popularity of classical music is that millennials and Gen Xer’s are stressed out in this busy world. Listening to classical music is an escape as well as a way to unwind.

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The Influence of Classical Music on Your Brain

We’ve all heard pregnant women playing Mozart to make their babies smarter. Yet, there is some truth to this. Classical music is actually good for you, both for your mental and physical health. Listening to classical music can help you sleep better, reduce your stress levels, help reduce pain, and help you express your emotions. Plus, if you are an aspiring musician or going to school for music, listening to classical music will help you understand your craft even better.


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The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park

One of Winter Park’s distinct music organizations is The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park. The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park has the third-oldest and continuously operating Bach Festival in the United States. It is also Central Florida’s oldest operating performing arts organization. This society was founded in 1935 at Rollins College. It’s purpose was to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birth by sharing his orchestral and choral music to the public. The Bach Festival Society is internationally known and has brought world-class talent to Central Florida. Besides the annual Bach Festival, The Bach Festival Society offers Choral Masterworks, Visiting Artist performances and a wide variety of community outreach.

Ticket sales for the Bach Society are reasonably priced, with student tickets being $10 and single tickets ranging from $15-45. A night of classical music is perfect if you are looking to do something classy for date night or you want to do something with the family around Christmas time. Try something new and explore some of humanity’s greatest musical geniuses.


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