The Guide To Orlando Summer Camps | 2022

The Guide To Orlando Summer Camps | 2022

Summer is just around the corner and the options for summer camp in Orlando seem endless. The sun will be shining, the outdoors will be a large part of our lives, and children will enjoy every second of their summer vacation. Even with all the wonderful activities, Orlando has to offer, going to summer camp is usually on a child’s summer bucket list.

Even with school being closed, children can still learn and have fun while they do it. Summer camp is the perfect way to assure your child enjoys every minute of the day while learning and perfecting any number of skills. Gain new friends, discover a new interest or skill, and remain engaged in activities that exercise minds as well as muscles.

Now Is The Time To Consider Summer Camp In Orlando

Now is the time for parents to consider summer plans for their family and particularly their children. If you’ve been a parent for a while, you know how important it can be to provide your child with more than a typical summer of hanging around the house. There are too many options for kids these days and you really should consider any one of the wonderful summer camps in Orlando as the pinnacle of their summer vacation.

There are a plethora of options for summer camp in Orlando. With many activities to choose from, you may face a more difficult decision than you realize. In Orlando, we’re lucky enough to have summer camps that cover sports, dance, history, IT, performing arts, etc. All the summer camps in Orlando are going above the call of duty to strictly adhere to the COVID-19 safety guidelines. So, without further ado, consider these summer camp ideas for your kids in 2022.

History Summer Camp In Orlando: Ogle

Camp Ogle offers interactive, world history, simulation. Camp Ogle is an academic camp and kids will sharpen their minds as they travel back in time and interact with simulations of different sections of world history. Each week, your camper will live throughout different time periods and play a successful role in developing their own civilization. Your kids will learn about important events throughout history and immerse themselves in the interactive experience. Although the focus of Camp Ogle is to learn about, and live through historical events, they will also play inside and outside. They will learn to strategize, think, and make new friends while smiling along the way. There are senior and junior sessions available. While both work off the same theme, they will be laced with age-appropriate materials.

Doodle Bugs! Children’s Learning Academy

Doodle Bugs is a day camp that accepts children ages 3 – 12. Their camp allows kids to learn through playing and summer experiences. This way children can learn and still have a fantastic time doing it. There will be themes each week with educational opportunities, other special events, and a new experience for your children, every day. Camp begins on May 31, 2022 and will end on August 5, 2022. Scheduling issues? No worries, Doodle Bugs offers flexible scheduling!

iD Tech Camp In Orlando

iD Tech Camp by Rollins College is open for registration. Kids will learn from professionals in the industry while experiencing the feeling of walking onto an actual college campus. Coding, game development, robotics, and design will be explored by professionals employed by companies such as Disney, Volvo, and Airbnb. Children will experience the magic that has made this the number one tech camp. iD Tech offers weeklong and two-week sessions for kids and teens ages 7 – 18 years old. Also, virtual tech camps and online courses are available.

Nailed It DIY Studios

At Nailed It DIY Studios each camper will experience a custom curriculum aimed at ensuring that they’re learning and having fun at the same time. DIY projects are geared towards children t and up and the Nailed It DIY camp is specifically designed for children in the 2nd – 8th grade age ranges. DIY projects will consist of building materials like what is kept in their studio. This includes wood, fabrics, and metals just to name a few.

All campers will participate in a custom curriculum made to ensure they are receiving a learning experience while having fun. Projects will be made using similar elements to those that you see in our studio. Such materials include, but are not limited to, wood, fabric, and metal. Nailed It DIY camps are designed for rising 2nd-8th grade. Projects are recommended for ages 7 and up, so please consider your child’s maturity level when registering.

YMCA Summer Camp

The YMCA Summer Camp is probably the most well-known summer camp of all. Children can spend their days developing skills in the STEM field or spend a week at the YMCA aquatics camp. The YMCA helps children build confidence to last them a lifetime. They will learn in a safe and fun atmosphere with a caring staff. The options offered by the YMCA are designed for children of all ages. With a range of interests, the YMCA is focused on learning, summer fun, and friendship.

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