The Great American Paint In Launches Gallery of Pandemic Art

Art has come a long way in the span of human history. In 2020, it is now more relevant than ever. The Great American Paint-In is a gallery that documenting the works of hope America’s greatest artists. These are work that artists have produced during their COVID-19 isolation. There is a shift in the country as it country begins to reopen. This includes a juried collection. It continues to grow by the day, is available for viewing at .

The Great American Paint In aims to capture this unique moment in history through art. Pieces can be any form, medium or size but must convey the emotions and viewpoints of the artists from their corners of the world during this experience. The project currently has pieces from artists in Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Participants include Eleinne Basa, Garin J Baker, Hillary Scott, and more.

Collectors can purchase works from the website. The organizers will collect the works in a tabletop art history book when the project is complete.

Works of art and related stories are currently being accepted for the project. To submit an application, artists should visit and fill out a form. A panel of judges will review each application.

Bill and Mary Weinaug organized The Great American Paint In. It is their project. Art collectors and owners of Gallery CERO, an art gallery under development at their riverside property north of Orlando, Florida.

“We have always been huge supporters of the arts,” Bill Weinaug said. “Seeing the pieces these artists are producing during this time of isolation is incredible. Each piece we add to the collection is a new facet in the story of this pandemic. That’s what we hope to document.”

For more information, visit the website at , or follow the project on social media on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram

About The Great American Paint In

The vision of The Great American Paint In is to allow America’s great artists to share their experience during the 2020 world pandemic through their work to inspire other artists, collectors and the community. The project will collect works of art on its website, , to create a marketplace for the pieces. The project will also create an upscale book to document this moment in history. The Great American Paint In is a project of art collectors Bill and Mary Weinaug. The two own a riverside oasis, Wekiva Island, and a soon to open art gallery there, Gallery CERO. Each year they also sponsor and run a “en plein air” event called the Wekiva PaintOut. This special project, therefore, is referred to as “paint in”, which is an event where artists paint within a space or in an enclosed environment during a period of time for the purpose of completing paintings of their life from their life. For more information, visit , or follow the project on social media on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram .