The Drake Kitchen And Bar Unveils Its Soft Opening In Downtown Orlando Finally Arrives

The Drake Kitchen + Bar Unveils Its Soft Opening In Downtown Orlando Finally Arrives

The highly-anticipated moment has come for downtown Orlando food enthusiasts as The Drake Kitchen And Bar gently unveils its presence at the Radius Apartments, situated at 361 N. Rosalind Ave. This gastronomic venture signifies the latest undertaking for Heberto and Rona Segura, the dynamic duo steering the popular Duck & Drake Kitchen food truck.

A Culinary Odyssey Awaits You At The Drake Kitchen And Bar

Now, epicureans are cordially invited to embark on a culinary odyssey on the first floor of the Radius Apartments, where The Drake Kitchen + Bar promises a distinctive encounter. The menu, a fusion of varied and seasonal offerings, showcases globally-inspired dishes meticulously crafted with locally-sourced ingredients. It’s a culinary haven where international flavors harmonize with the vibrant essence of Orlando.

For steadfast patrons of the Duck & Drake food truck, rest assured – the original food truck will persist in its operations at Digress Wine in College Park. The legacy of the food truck lives on, ensuring enthusiasts can still relish their preferred dishes in the familiar College Park setting.

A Menus Mirroring The Food Truck

The brick-and-mortar establishment retains the essence of the Duck & Drake Kitchen with a menu mirroring the food truck’s revolving selections, spotlighting local ingredients and tapas. However, The Drake Kitchen + Bar elevates the experience, infusing the offerings with a refined touch, promising an even more sophisticated dining sojourn.

Complementing the culinary delights is the bar, showcasing an enchanting array of inventive and classic cocktails, alongside a selection of craft beers procured from local breweries. It’s a perfect accompaniment to the diverse menu, presenting patrons with a well-rounded dining escapade.

Doors Open In Downtown Orlando

As The Drake Kitchen + Bar unfurls its doors in downtown Orlando, the city embraces a novel culinary gem that seamlessly blends the familiar pleasures of Duck & Drake with a dash of sophistication. Whether you’re a longstanding enthusiast or a first-timer, this establishment guarantees an indelible dining escapade in the heart of Orlando.

Make your way to The Drake Kitchen + Bar at 361 N. Rosalind Ave. for a culinary escapade that melds global flavors with local allure. The legacy of Duck & Drake perseveres, now with a permanent abode in the bustling downtown milieu.

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