The City Of Winter Park Has Approved The Muscovy Duck Removal Program

The City Of Winter Park Has Approved The Muscovy Duck Removal Program

The Muscovy ducks have really done it this time. It seems that the City and its residents are so fed up with the not so beautiful Muscovy ducks that they’ve decided to remove them from city property and public education. The city of Winter Park approved the Muscovy duck removal program at its commission meeting on Wednesday.

Former Winter Park residents have said that the ducks were considered a nuisance. Residents have had a few encounters with the ducks in the past. Some of them claiming that their encounters with the ducks were aggressive. On top of that, many residences seem to have an issue with the ducks’ appearance. Some have even said that “If they were a beautiful bird, there would probably be less reaction against them.”

What Are Muscovy Ducks?

Muscovy ducks are considered an invasive species in Florida. The Muscovy duck hails from parts of Texas, Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay. The ducks have been blamed for driving out native species and even the pollution of local lakes. Even with the deck stacked against them some residents feel the removal program may be unnecessary. “How vicious could a duck really be?” said one local resident.

The Muscovy Duck Removal Program

The removal program is for city property and includes public education, modifications to habitat, active removal, and a re-establishment plan of native species. Director of Natural Resources and Sustainability Gloria Eby said that officials are planning to hire an experienced trapper to humanely relocate the Muscovy ducks to a different facility to prevent escape.

Winter Park officials are concerned with keeping the trauma to the birds at a minimum. So, unlike our South Florida neighbors, the birds will not be traumatically ambushed, netted, and hauled away. Instead, Winter Park will use experienced trappers that will trap the birds for re-location.

Muscovy Duck Removal Program

What Should You Do If You Have A Muscovy Duck Problem?

Winter Park officials suggest that citizens with a Muscovy duck problem on their property should hire their own trapper. Click the button below to head to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissioner’s website and find an experienced and certified trapper near you.

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