The Best Places to Social Distance in Orlando

Florida is still under strict quarantine guidelines. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to say isolated inside all day! We would recommend staying away from the theme parks and stick to low-traffic local spots. There is alot of outdoor, open-air spots in nature as well. We found the best places to social distance in Orlando!

Mead Botanical Garden

1300 S. Denning Drive in Winter Park

At Park Ave Magazine, we are huge fans of Mead Botanical Garden. This lovely spot is an oasis tucked in Winter Park. Mead Botanical Garden has almost 50 acres of natural habitat. It’s perfect for picnicking, nature walks, and bird-watching.

Go on a summer adventure through short trails with tall pine trees and take in the sights near the garden’s small creek and pond.

Split Oak Forest

10525 Clapp Simms Duda Road in Orlando

Get shady in the Split Oak Forest. The Split Oak Wildlife and Environmental Area in South Orlando boasts a beautiful park. Explore the 2,000 acre expanse of Split Oak Forest. The park has over nine miles of trails. Visitors can also hike to a large, two-century split oak that is named after the property. Unfortunately, no dogs or bikes are allowed.

Ocala National Forest 

45621 State Road 19 in Altoona

The Ocala National Forest is a beautiful place to “get lost” so to speak. It sits on a 387,000 acre swath of land. The forest is located just north of Orlando. Ocala National Forest offers many activities. You can enjoy the land though hiking, biking, horse, boat or car.

Off-highway vehicle areas provide ATV, motorcycle and side-by-side users with 125 miles of trail to explore. Just be sure to pack out your trash and stay on marked routes while driving. Dogs are welcome in most areas of the forest (not the beach at swimming areas), but must be leashed at all times.

Social Distance This Summer

Now you know the best places to social distance this summer in Orlando. We advise you to keep a distance of 6 feet from other individuals and wear a mask in semi-crowded areas. Don’t forget sunscreen!



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