The Best Outdoor Workouts This Summer | 2022

The Best Outdoor Workouts This Summer | 2022

Some of the best workouts you can do take place outside. These are some of the best outdoor workouts this summer. Working out outside is a nice change of pace and scenery compared to the gym. It is hot, so be sure to keep yourself hydrated and make sure you take breaks as well. But, you’ll have a lot more fun in the fresh air than you will in a stuffy old gym.

Biking Is A Great Outdoor Workout

Biking is a perfect leg workout. Especially if you trade the mundane ride around your neighborhood for a more scenic route. Mountain biking works your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, core, and calves. If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one to see if you like it and then consider buying your own.

If you want a seriously great leg workout, mountain biking is your answer. From beginner trails to double-black diamonds, there’s a mountain biking challenge for every fitness level.
Steep hills, challenging switchbacks, and a wide variety of obstacles will engage muscles you didn’t even know you had. Your whole body will work hard, but your legs are on the front lines. Mountain biking doubles as an intense cardio workout as well as a serious strength workout for your lower body.

Rock Climbing Is An Underestimated Outdoor Workout

Rock climbing is one of the full body outdoor workouts that focuses on your fingers, forearms, and obliques. Now, this is a fantastic workout but in Florida it may be hard to find outdoor places for rock climbing. You can achieve the same workout at an indoor rock-climbing gym. Also, many rock-climbing gyms will have an outdoor area if you still want to get some fresh air. For rock climbing you will need to research the closest rock-climbing gym in your area or travel a bit to go rock climbing outside. You will need to rent or buy your gear. (We would recommend renting your gear until you decide that you want to continue rock climbing.)

Climbing isn’t as difficult as you may think. Especially if you start out at an indoor rock-climbing gym. You can even take an outdoor class to learn the basics. Although there are a lot of different styles of rock-climbing, the most common for beginners are what’s called Bouldering and Free Climbing. Bouldering includes climbing shorter routes on boulders. Typically, these boulders are 15 ft tall or shorter and can be climbed without a harness or rope.

Free climbing requires a harness that will connect you to a rope, climbing shoes, and usually a helmet to climb routes around 20 feet tall or higher. All types of climbing are a perfect form of exercise that work your entire body all the way from your fingers to your toes. Your fingers and forearms will especially feel sore afterwards. Rock-climbing is also a mental workout as well. In bouldering, each route you climb is referred to as a “problem” it’s a mental puzzle to figure out how to move your body to reach the top.

Paddling: Paddle Boarding, Canoeing, Kayaking Etc.

The best thing about this outdoor workout is that it’s probably the easiest workout routine for Florida. You can literally pull over anywhere and toss your paddleboard or canoe into the water and get going. No matter how you choose to paddle, you’ll work the same muscle groups. Your arms, shoulders, upper back, and core are going to get a fantastic workout.
Choose how you’ll paddle. Paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes all make for a fun and tough way to explore lakes, Winter Park canals, and other bodies of water.

You can easily kayak in the chain of lakes, trust us, it’s a lot of fun. After only a couple of minutes of paddling, you’ll feel the burn in your arms, shoulders, and back. You may also feel it in your core due to the stabilization needed to keep your board or kayak steady. If you’ve never paddled before, consider a guided tour. In Florida, there’s a great chance that you have friends who paddle and you’re not even aware. Use them for their advice and see if you can tag along to learn the basics.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling extra adventurous and up for a challenge, try open-water paddling. The ocean is not forgiving, and you’ll need to stay vigilant. But, there’s no shortage of oceanic paddling spots in Florida.

Park Yoga Is A Very Popular Outdoor Workout

Yoga is another one of the great outdoor workouts. Yoga can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. That’s why it’s such an awesome choice for summer workouts. To add an extra element of wellness to your yoga practice, take it outside. Sunshine and fresh air can make the whole thing feel even more relaxing. There’s no shortage of outdoor parks and areas for yoga in Winter Park. Just make sure you check first, so you aren’t hassled by the fuzz during your workout routine.

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