The Artemis 1 Launch Will Bring Business To The Florida Space Program

The Artemis 1 Launch Will Bring Business To The Florida Space Program

On Friday we will take our next step towards returning to the moon. The unmanned launch of the Artemis 1 rocket will reinforce how important it is for us to focus on space related business in and around Cape Canaveral. The Artemis 1 launch will bring business to the Florida space program.

Some view the launch of the Artemis 1 rocket as nostalgia infused with encouragement for the future of our space program. The launch of the Artemis 1 rocket indicates that Space Florida is moving forward with it’s efforts quicker than originally anticipated. No one would have predicted that we would be as successful with our efforts to return to the moon this quickly.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Will Gather For The Artemis 1 Launch

Onlookers will congregate and gaze at Launch Complex 39B on The Kennedy Space Center grounds this Friday as the Artemis 1 rocket is launched. Local tourism and other space related officials estimated that 100,000 to half a million people will fight over space in the viewing areas surrounding Kennedy Space Center.

The Orion capsule is planned to make it’s 40,000 mile journey beyond the moon before it returns to Earth. This will set up future missions that are expected to land the first woman and the first person of color on the surface of the moon by the year 2025. Sights are set on eventually sending men and women to the surface of Mars.

Cape Canaveral Could Become The Busiest Space Port

Space Florida isn’t directly involved with the Artemis rocket launch overseen by NASA. However, some view the launch as reinforcement of existing activity throughout Florida’s Space Coast. The Artemis 1 launch has the ability to cement Cape Canaveral as the busiest, and most successful launch site on the globe. This point of view makes an even more compelling argument that Florida’s Space Coast is the best location for future commercial space enterprises.

Space Florida was formed in 2006. Because the space industry was moving away from a nearly full reliance on the federal government, NASA, and the DoD for their hardware necessary for space missions. Agencies are working to promote Florida’s Aerospace industry with financing and R&D.

We Could See A Huge Increase In Funding After Launch

Over the last 10 years, the agency has received almost $2.7 billion in financing. Most of the financing has been used for research and development and spread out among manufacturing facilities. Lately, Space Florida officials have said projects in the pipeline are expected to bump the total to $5.5 billion. This is amid a steady increase in rocket launches.

The Space Florida CEO set a goal for the next couple of years. The goal is for agencies to have more complex financial relationships with banks and pension funds. A panel discussion will be held regarding how NASA, along with commercial and international partners, have collaborated on the highly anticipated return to space. The panelists include Charles Bolden, the NASA administrator during the Obama administration. The NASA administrator from the Trump administration is also supposed to be in attendance. They will conjoin with the current associate administrator for NASA’s Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy.

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