The Art of Alexandra Mazzola: Winter Park Artist

The Art of Alexandra Mazzola: HeARTsome Creations

Alexandra Mazzola is one of the many talented artists of Winter Park Florida. Mazzola is a creative artist that expresses emotions through her main media: paint on canvas. Though that is her main media, Alexandra is also a photographer and writer. Continue to read more about this unique Florida artist and her goals to help heal through art.

The Art that helps heal the Heart

Alexandra’s art is not just another simple puppy painting artist. Mazzola uses her art to help heal. The pain of going through what a lot of our youth is going through right now. (Thanks to 2020) depression, anxiety,  and low self-esteem. These are truly hard situations to feel, go through, and be in especially as a kid or young adult. Mazzola herself feels these in her personal journey as well. Instead of letting those feeling swallow her, she found herself through art.

The Power of Inspiration

Alexandria’s goal is to help inspire people and make them smile every day. Everyone goes through a personal journey, difficult or not. Alexandra not only understands this but has also experienced this. Finding herself through art now helps allow her to create and express herself in a way that shows no embarrassment, no shame, and no Humility. Which no matter what you do or what your hobbies are should you ever feel negative. Art helps to find peace and comfort. Alexandra Mazzola has the dream of becoming an art therapist to help heal others who were or are like her through the creative process.

” I enjoy every second that I am creating, and when I complete a work of art and see others happy with what I had done for them, it is truly rewarding”.

Knowing that her art will be seen by many people, inspires Mazzola to continue to make others happy. “I am always looking for ways to make others happy, and through art, I believe I can accomplish this goal”.

Did you like the art in this article? Are you interested in purchasing an original Alexandra Mazzola painting? Then take a look at her website by clicking here Or Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.  Mazzola is also up for doing commission work as well. So If you like her style of work and would like a commission possibly of your animal, you can also contact her through her site here.

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