The Amway Center Is Gone, Make Way For The Kia Center

The Amway Center Is Gone, Make Way For The Kia Center

Orlando’s well-known sports and entertainment arena, formerly identified as the Amway Center, has recently experienced a substantial transformation, introducing a new era with its rechristening as the Kia Center. This rebranding effort became effective at 9 a.m. on a Wednesday, signifying a significant shift for this iconic venue.

According to recent information, the transition had been underway for a considerable duration leading up to the official revelation. Interestingly, by the Wednesday morning disclosure, the distinctive Kia logo had already been incorporated into one of the conspicuous banners elegantly suspended over the center court. Notably, security personnel were also outfitted in new vests featuring the sleek Kia logo, underscoring the seamless assimilation of the venue’s fresh brand identity.

The Amway Center Embraces Its New Identity As The Kia Center

Over the past 13 years, this establishment had become synonymous with the name Amway Center, named in connection with the renowned multilevel marketing company, Amway. Specializing in a diverse array of products, including vitamins, supplements, and skincare, Amway is owned by the DeVos family. Importantly, the DeVos family holds ownership not only of Amway but also of the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team, which calls the arena home, transitioning from the Amway Center to proudly embrace its new identity as the Kia Center.

Although the precise details of the naming rights agreement remain undisclosed, it is noteworthy that Amway had been contributing an estimated $4 million annually for the privilege of naming the arena when they initially secured the naming rights for the former Orlando Events Center.

The Branding Process Is Now Finalized

With the rebranding process now finalized, the Kia Center emerges as a symbol of a fresh chapter in the arena’s storied history. As enthusiasts and visitors alike gather at this revamped locale, they can anticipate an immersive encounter in a setting seamlessly melding top-notch entertainment and sports against the vibrant backdrop of Orlando. The Kia Center, featuring its updated identity, is well-positioned to persist as a central hub for indelible events and exhilarating sports moments for years to come.

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