Take A City Tree Tour In Winter Park

If you are feeling cooped up this weekend and are looking to get out and about, you can always hug a tree! The City of Winter Park’s Urban Forestry Division is implementing a new software that includes an inventory of over 22,000 trees that are growing in the parks.

Central Park Tree Species Tour

These 22,000 trees have been growing in public parks and the city. The City of Winter Park’s Urban Forestry has been managing the city canopy and tracking it’s progress while they revitalize the urban forest for future generations. Now, you can get a glimpse into their work!

The staff has created a tour for the public about the trees of Winter Park. You can learn about the different species that have been planted, the amount of trees, and the ecological benefits of the trees.

The TreeKeeper Online Guide

You can access the TreeKeeper Online guide HERE. This will include instructions on how to open the program on mobile devices.  The online guide is a webpage that opens in a browser. You can click on any tree in the live map area of Winter Park and there are stats on the individual tree. It will tell you the tree’s area, species, and diameter. You can even explore the benefits of each tree! Also, keep in mind that the city of Winter Park is now offering free Wi-Fi service around downtown!.

Why Trees Help Our Community

The local environment is important to the Winter Park Community. They are part of the ecology and both humans and animals benefit from them. Trees make our playgrounds peaceful and aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. They bring life to our urban environment. Neighborhoods with old trees serve as historic landmarks. They also have an ecological and environmental value including:

  • providing oxygen
  • improving air quality
  • conserving water
  • preserving soil
  • supporting wildlife

The Property and Economic Value of Trees

Believe it or not, trees have a huge economic benefit to the property value of homes and businesses. According to the USDA Forest Service, “Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and save 20-50 percent in energy used for heating.”. Also, trees around our home can increase your property value by 6-7%

We should all take a break from work, get out of our homes, and appreciate the trees around us. Winter Park has some of the most beautiful nature and landscaping in the area. Go ahead, take a breath of fresh air!

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