Sweet Confections: Orlando’s Top Cupcakes

Sweet Confections: Orlando’s Top Cupcakes

Sweet Confections. Orlando is known for many things when it comes to its dining and food scene, but what you may not know is that the City Beautiful is home to lots of great bakeries—especially ones specializing in making delicious cupcakes. Take a look at some of Orlando’s yummiest spots and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Gigi’s Cupcakes

Colonial Plaza Marketcenter

2562 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando


Don’t let the fact that Gigi’s is a franchise shy you away from them. They bake their cupcakes daily in the store, and they have a variety of seasonal selections especially during the holidays. They also offer mini cupcakes, cupcake-sized cheesecake and even gluten-free cupcakes.

Sweet Confections

Valhalla Bakery

Valhalla Bakery is vegan creates a preponderance of confections as does any bakery: doughnuts, cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, pies, cupcakes, tarts, buns, pretzels…. The list goes on. Their wares are oft rich and heavy, sugary-delicious, and taste like what they are.


Blue Bird Bake Shop

Blue Bird Bake Shop offers up delightful cupcakes – scratch-baked from small batches. Does this mean your favorite might run out by afternoon? Yes. Yes, it does. All the more reason to try another of the popular varieties offered up every day (they have roughly 50 in their overall playbook) including chocolate Guinness, apricot ginger, red velvet and coffee toffee.

Sweet Confections

Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly

Waterford Lakes Town Center

711 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando


Known widely for her cupcakes—particular her mini cupcakes—Hollis Wilder really changed the “cupcake game” in Orlando. She opened her store in 2008 and has had success ever since, even opening a Jacksonville store. She has done events and spoke at UCF, and she has also made local and regional headlines. Plus, the store has more cupcake flavors than you’ll ever imagine.

Le Petit Sweet

At Le Petit Sweet, it’s not the size that matters. You can nibble on small French macaroons or blow people away with a five-tier wedding cake. Regardless of the delicacy, each bite is just as impressive as the next.

De Azucar Bake Shop

De Azucar Bake Shop is an example that the French aren’t the only ones who can perfect a pastry; the Puerto Ricans can as well. Grab a chorizo croissant, a pumpkin maple cinnamon roll, an apple caramel pound cake or a variety of scones. The shop also freshly bakes a variety of cakes and pies.

Yalaha Bakery

Yalaha Bakery has been voted by our social media followers as the No. 1 bakery in all of Central Florida. And for those health nuts out there, this old-world German bakery offers gluten-free breads and pastries, as well as sugar free and all ingredients are completely organic. Some of the bakery’s best sellers include the Bee Sting, which is two layers of yeast cake with Bavarian cream in the middle and sliced caramelized almonds on top. If that didn’t do it for you, how about the pretzel roll topped with Swiss cheese.

Sweet Confections

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