Superica, A New Tex-Mex Restaurant, Is Opening In Winter Park This Fall

Superica, A New Tex-Mex Restaurant, Is Opening In Winter Park This Fall

Superica, a well-known Tex-Mex establishment celebrated for its unique margaritas, artisanal tortillas, and delectable wood-grilled creations, is on the verge of introducing its very first Florida location in Winter Park during the upcoming autumn season. With a remarkable reputation that earned it a place in our “New Restaurants” compilations for both 2022 and 2023, this eagerly anticipated local offshoot of Superica will be situated at 415 S. Orlando Ave. in Winter Park, signifying a momentous culinary development for the state of Florida. This establishment embodies the culinary vision of chef-owner Ford Fry, hailing from Atlanta, and pledges to transport diners on an enticing Tex-Mex odyssey.

The Superica Menu

The menu at Superica pays homage to Austin-style Mexican cuisine, featuring an array of tempting dishes like shrimp tacos, enchiladas, and, of course, their freshly crafted corn and flour tortillas, which are nothing short of exceptional. For aficionados of agave-based spirits, Superica has a comprehensive selection of 100% agave tequilas and mezcals. Additionally, Superica demonstrates its culinary heritage by offering a thoughtfully curated wine list designed to harmonize with the cultural tapestry woven by the restaurant’s diverse dishes.

The First Florida Location

The inaugural Superica location in Florida is poised to become a culinary haven, open every day of the week. Notably, weekends will be elevated with a Tex-Mex brunch extravaganza available on both Saturdays and Sundays. A delectable fusion of Texan and Mexican flavors will tantalize the taste buds of diners, leaving them longing for more.

What adds an intriguing element to this culinary gem is the distinctive phonetic pronunciation of “Superica” as “super-eeka.” It adds a touch of whimsy to the experience and is a nod to the Tex-Mex spirit that permeates every facet of this establishment, promising more than just a meal but an immersive journey.

Foodies Must Try

The arrival of Superica in Winter Park is a culinary milestone that assures to captivate palates with its Tex-Mex appeal. With its mouthwatering menu, enticing tequila and mezcal offerings, and a wine selection that complements the essence of the cuisine, Superica is poised to become a must-visit destination for foodies in Florida. Ensure you plan a visit to savor the delectable offerings of Superica, where every day is a Tex-Mex celebration waiting to be experienced.

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