Local Resident Bringing Fresh Kava To Orlando

Local Resident Bringing Fresh Kava To Orlando

Kratom and kava (also known as Kava Kava) are a couple of the many new trends in health and wellness foods & herbs. These tea drinks have been recognized for their health benefits. Its origins are from Asia and the Pacific Islands, but it is now finding its way to Orlando and Central Florida. Kava Bars and local grocery stores are hot spots to get kava drinks and products. Sudan Kava Bar is a new Central-Florida based company with an inspiring story and the highest-quality kratom and kava products.

Kratom vs. Kava

Kratom and kava are both plant-based supplements and used for their mood-enhancing and relaxing effects. Supplements come in a wide variety of forms, with the raw leaves of both plants used to manufacture items for consumption. Although some of the effects of these substances are similar, kratom and kava come from different plants.

They also work in different ways to produce similar effects. Kratom is a plant closely related to coffee. In kratom’s native Southeast Asian countries, locals often chew the leaves for energy and pain relief. Kava is made from the roots of the kava plant. The plant belongs to the pepper family, and it is native to countries like Fiji and Indonesia. People in its native area use the kava plant to create different types of tea and juice beverages. Some restaurants and bars mix it with either water or coconut milk to create drinks that are consumed socially or recreationally. Kava has also been used for ceremonial rituals.

About Sudan Kava Bar

Sudan Kava Bar is a Central-Florida based company that offers high-quality Kratom & Kava products. Their products are sourced directly from Indonesia. Sudan Kava Bar takes a holistic approach to health. They look at the body as a whole and not in isolation. Which means treating multiple systems of the body, not just one area at a time.

These herbs have become widely used in the US. Especially for those who are interested in alternative medicine and holistic lifestyles. Many Kava and Kratom businesses have sprouted in Central Florida. Healthy Buddha and the Kava Cove are some of the popular Kava places in Winter Park & Surrounding areas.

We sat down virtually with Jolie Peterson. She is the founder of Sudan Kava Bar for a quick discussion on why this means so much to her and why she felt the need to start this next chapter of her life as a business owner.

Park Ave Magazine (PAM): What Inspired You To Create Sudan Kava Bar?

Jolie: I was driven to create a company that promoted health and healing. I was in a multi-vehicle accident in February 2013 on I-95 when an SUV at a high rate of speed hit my car and resulted in a traumatic brain injury from the impact. The paramedics and firefighters on the scene used the “Jaws of Life” to rescue me and I was airlifted to the nearest trauma hospital.

PAM: How Was The Aftermath of Your Accident?

Jolie: After my multi-vehicle accident I was seeing five doctors and was on a road to recovery but not finding answers to her challenging health questions. I later became addicted to alcohol from my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Sadly, this is very common. I was introduced to personalized medicine after working for Scala Precision Health. I have been in clinical research for 16 years working for some of the largest research sites in Florida.

PAM: How Did You Connect With Others With TBI?

Jolie: After working, I decided to enroll at Rollins College to pursue my Business Management degree. I was so excited to go to Rollins, I started the first disability group on campus for the Holt students called Support, Opportunity, & Community (SOC) because I wanted to give back to the students of Rollins. Actively involved with various school building projects at Rollins for implementing accessibility services I carried that instinctual characteristic into my business SudanKavaBar.com.

PAM: What Are The Origins of Sudan Kava Bar?

Jolie: In October 2019, I flew to Pontianak, Indonesia to source Sudan Kava and Kratom. I learned personalized medicine and the value of a multifactorial approach to health. Frequently I would visit the local Kava bars in Winter Park like Noveltea Kava Bar. I was introduced to a collectivistic culture of philosophers and friends. They became a community of family and I grew to understand the value of true friendships through Kava.

PAM: What Do You Use Kava For?

Jolie: I drink Sudan Kava tea to help me sleep instead of Seroquel. Serequil was the drug that was prescribed by my doctor after my car accident. I also drink Sudan Kratom tea instead of taking Oxycodone for my herniated discs from C2-C6. I met growers in the West Kahlimantan region of Indonesia. They had taught me about the three strains of Sudan Kratom, Red is an analgesic with a compound called Mitragynine which is a natural anti-inflammatory, Green which improves mood, and white which is like a cup of coffee.

Where Can You Purchase Sudan Kava?

Jolie: Sudan Kratom is sold in all three The Proper Pipe stores and Knights Extreme Gifts across from UCF. We will be sold in more Central Florida locations in the future. You can also purchase our Kava products online at www.sudankavabar.com. Our Kava includes Fiji-Bati Kava, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Super Green Malay, Tonga Kava, White Indo, and White Maeng Da.

Jolie Peterson has had a lot of support navigating her evolution with SudanKavaBar.com. Jolie was featured on Orlando’s “Chad in the morning show” on 103.1 FM “The Wolf,” making Kava tea for the morning show crew, and has had a lot of great mentors in her life to helping guide her in business.

Founder Jolie will continue to move forward with Sudan Kava Bar. She is passionate about helping to solve some people’s biggest problems through personalized medicine. to present Sudan Kratom & Kava to Central Florida. Sudan Kava Bar offers the best plant-based products for those who are looking for alternative and holistic methods of healing. For more information go to www.sudankavabar.com/ 

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