Special Report: Orlando Back to School and COVID-19

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Special Report: Orlando Back to School and COVID-19

This month, families across Central Florida are preparing for back to school. However, this fall is going to be different, especially with the presence of COVID-19. Orange County and Seminole County schools are opening with face-to-face classes. We are coving what you need to know about schools opening in Central Florida

Back to School Plan

On July 21, the Florida Depart of Education created a re-opening plan for public schools in Orange County. The reopening plan gives flexibility to the parents to choose the best education option for their child.

Parents can choose three main options:

  • Face-to-Face learning
  • Orange County Virtual School
  • Innovate learning option.

Dates For Reopening

The Department of Education had created plans for reopening all the way back on July 31. They had approved the LaunchED at home plan for OCPS and the district is still waiting on a response from the local control waiver. Orange County plans to go back to school on August 21.

Children and COVID-19

So far, evidence shows that children and adolescents are less likely to have symptoms of severe diseases from COVID-19 infections. However, children can still get fever, cough, or have a hard time taking deep breaths.

Take these steps to protect your child and others:

  • Clean hands often – make sure children are washing their hands for at least 20-30 seconds and using soap and water. If they don’t have access to soap and water, make sure they are stocked up on hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid others who might be sick – If you suspect that someone at your child’s school is sick, they should stay clear of them.
  • Wear a mask – children 2 years old and older should wear a mask over their nose and mouth in a public setting.
  • Pack Disinfectant Wipes In Their Bag – Even though school administration should be disinfecting surfaces, make sure that children have extra wipes on hand.
  • Launder items – Wash your child’s items when they go home from school. This includes clothes, clothes and backpacks if possible.

Back-To-School Precautions

There are a few things you and schools can do to prepare your child for going back to school. school. Here is how schools will keep your child safe:

  • Desks will be 3-6 feet apart
  • Surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected
  • School administration and teachers will be wearing masks
  • There will be an option to go virtual if the virus surges.

Remember That This isn’t Permanent

Students returning to school during COVID-19 may not fee like normal; at least not for a while. Safety plans and resources will work as long as everyone follows them. Everyone needs to do their part to protect other students, teachers, staff, and families.