Skate Bud: Enhancing Florida’s Skateboarding Culture For Youth

Skate Bud: Enhancing Florida’s Skateboarding Culture For Youth

Skate Bud, a nonprofit based in Orlando, Florida, seeks to revolutionize and enhance the skateboarding scene throughout the Sunshine State. Through their initiative, Legalize Wheels, Skate Bud collaborates with local authorities to empower at-risk youth and enhance skatepark infrastructure.

Despite Florida’s reputation for its scarcity of skateparks compared to skateboarding hubs like Long Beach, California, the state boasts a significant cultural heritage in skateboarding. The birthplace of the iconic “ollie” trick traces back to Florida in the 1970s, showcasing the state’s deep connection to skateboarding history.

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Zach Moldof Aims To Leverage Cultural Legacy Through Skate Bud

Zach Moldof, the executive director of Skate Bud, aims to leverage this cultural legacy to advocate for more skateparks across Florida. Alongside his wife Tiffany, the director of Skate Bud, Moldof initiated the Legalize Wheels campaign to provide opportunities for underprivileged youth.

Rooted in their own challenging backgrounds and the positive impact skateboarding had on them, the campaign aims to empower at-risk youth through various programs. Operating primarily in Orlando, Skate Bud offers free skateboards, lessons, and mentorship to foster personal and career development among young individuals.

Skateboarding has long faced stereotypes and misconceptions, often seen as a pastime for troublemakers. However, Moldof and other advocates challenge this narrative, highlighting the numerous benefits skateboarding offers, including community building, physical activity, and resilience development.

Promoting Mental Well-Being

Research from the University of Southern California underscores these benefits, emphasizing skateboarding’s role in promoting mental well-being, particularly during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Moldof believes that skateboarding uniquely addresses the needs of marginalized youth, offering them a sense of control and self-actualization.

While conventional sports may not cater to every child, skateboarding provides an inclusive and accessible outlet, especially for those who have experienced trauma or instability. However, access to quality skateparks remains limited in Florida, with many falling below usability standards.

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Celebrating Florida’s Skateboard Heritage

Skate Bud collaborates with local governments to address this issue, advocating for the development and renovation of skateparks. State Representative Anna Eskamani has supported these efforts, seeking funding to expand skatepark infrastructure across 19 counties in Florida.

Additionally, Skate Bud aims to celebrate Florida’s skateboarding heritage through initiatives like the Florida Skate Heritage Fair. Moldof envisions this event as a platform to showcase the state’s contributions to skateboarding culture, emphasizing its significance beyond California’s dominance in the industry.

Ultimately, Skate Bud’s mission is to transform Florida’s skateboarding landscape, providing opportunities for youth empowerment and community development while honoring the state’s rich skateboarding heritage. Through initiatives like Legalize Wheels, Skate Bud strives to make skateboarding accessible to all, fostering a vibrant and inclusive skateboarding culture across Florida.

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