SeaWorld Has Rescued More Than 40,000 Animals

SeaWorld Has Rescued More Than 40,000 Animals

SeaWorld has rescued more than 40,000 animals and reached their new historic milestone with their rescue and rehabilitation efforts. SeaWorld recently announced that since the beginning of their efforts in 1965, they have been fortunate enough to help & rescue over 40,000 animals. The first animal they rescued, back in 1965, was a beached Dall’s porpoise. Since then, SeaWorld has gone on to help a diverse population of species. Some of the species they’ve rescued include aquatic birds, sea turtles, manatees, whales, dolphins, and a wide array of mammals and fish.

Each SeaWorld Park has dedicated employees, vets, and rescue and rehabilitation facilities. SeaWorld said that each one of their teams has said that they’re equipped to take special care of the species that they rescue the most often. Seals, sea lions, and otters are usually found more often on the West Coast while the East Coast usually sees it’s fair share of manatees and dolphins.

SeaWorld Has Rescued More Than 40,000 Animals Of Varying Species

The main goal for SeaWorld it to rehabilitate and return rescued animals to their natural habitat. However, on occasion animals are found whose current health makes it impossible for them to ever be released back into the wild. In those specific cases, SeaWorld and wildlife officials decide on the best place for these animals to receive their care.

For an example SeaWorld in Orlando found forever homes for a dolphin and turtle at an aquarium in Clearwater, Florida. SeaWorld Orlando has proven to be critical in the last few months as Florida’s manatee population sees a decline because of habitat loss and pollution. SeaWorld announced that they will be adding more space to handle the increasing numbers of injured manatees that they’re receiving.

SeaWorld Is Also Saving Coral Reefs

In addition to manatees at the Central Florida park, SeaWorld is one of several agencies teaming up to save Florida’s coral reefs. They established the Florida Coral Rescue Center, a new facility for coral colonies to receive world-class care and reproduce with the help of a team of coral experts. The work is already showing signs of positive results. SeaWorld said last month, researchers documented one type of coral producing offspring – a first in human care.

Some animals are being rehabilitated. There are also some teams that are learning vital information which we may not be able to learn in the wild. SeaWorld claims that because they’ve studied dolphins in their care, they have made significant veterinary advances related to blood, milk, surgeries, stem cells and more. All the studies help improve their animal rescue efforts, health, and triage.

Portions of the ticket sales from SeaWorld, and purchases made inside the park, go toward their rescue efforts. SeaWorld is also a professionally accredited zoo and one of the largest marine rescuers on the globe.

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