Sculpture on the Lawn Update 2022

Sculpture on the Lawn Update 2022

Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs is very pleased to announce the 7th Annual Sculpture on the Lawn Season.

This Year’s 2022 Artists!

This year’s artists and sculptures, which were selected by the Public Art Review Board of the Arts & Cultural Affairs Advisory Council are: Umit Durgun, Mike Hansel, Matthias Neumann and Will Vannerson.

About Umit Durgun

Umit Turgay Durgun is a sculptor and a graffiti artist from Istanbul Turkey. Living and working in Carrara, Italy.For high school, he went to Macka Akif Tuncel Anatolian plastic arts school, and for university. He went to the Marmara University, faculty of fine arts, sculpture department in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Bastet” by Ümit Durgun of Tuscany, Italy

Sculpture on the Lawn Update

Learn About Mike Hansel

Sculptor and Art Educator, Mike Hansel, has been actively producing contemporary art work for over 30 years. Living most of his life in New England, he currently resides in Middletown, RI where he teaches studio art and creates large scale metal sculpture. His work resides in many private collections, and he has installed numerous large-scale public sculptures in museum venues and on college campus sites. Mike Hansel’s work has become known for his ability to create highly crafted, organic pieces that contradict what we might expect from such rigid, industrial materials.

“Reflex” by Mike Hansel of Middletown, RI

Get To Know Matthias Neumann

normaldesign is an interdisciplinary art, architecture and design praxis working in the interstice between architecture and its related fields. Founded by Matthias Neumann in 2003, we are based in New York City and in Athens, Greece with a wide range of projects in the US and overseas.

“Basics Series” by Matthias Neumann of Brooklyn, NY

About Will Vannerson

For the last several years Will has focused exclusively on building for the outdoors. His primary medium is steel, which he fabricates and has hot-dip galvanized. Tubular structures resonate the most with Will Vannerson because they visually create and conceal space. He physically gravitates toward them as formal touchstones. Because there is an engaging ambiguity in the incrementally configuring structures and implied growth that they allow for. Will’s is a fluid, invertebrate, baroque sculpture.

“Nutrition Sculpture” by Will Vannerson of Kansas City, MO

Sculpture on the Lawn Update 2022.

But Wait There’s More… About The Exhibit

The exhibit, located outside the Orange County Administration Center (201 S. Rosalind Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801), and will remain on display until January 2023. The Public Art Review Board established the Sculpture on the Lawn program in 2015. Its mission is to include public art in Orange County for the benefit and education of its citizens while enhancing the visual environment through a diversity of styles, content, and artists. The program provides access to world-class art in public spaces.

The Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs

The Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs Office works with its Advisory Council to recommend how Orange County’s funds should be invested to elevate the status of arts and culture in Central Florida. Find more information on the Advisory Council page.

  1. Exhibitions: Free exhibitions of fine art are organized by Arts & Cultural Affairs for the Art in the Chambers and the Sculptures on the Lawn programs.
  2. Funding: Arts & Cultural Affairs contracts with United Arts of Central Florida to administer several funding programs.
  3. Public Art: The calls for Public Art Commissions are administered by Arts & Cultural Affairs as well as promoting awareness for our local public art projects.
  4. Arts & Culture Calendar: Find listings for art events and organizations partially funded by Orange County.
  5. FusionFest: Organizes annual celebration of diversity and the year-round participation of the Fusion Fest Flag Crew in area events.
  6. Cultural Facilities Map: Find arts organizations throughout Orange County.


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