Scotty Foundation needs your help

Scotty Foundation needs your help

Many families are dragging their feet through the day, one second at a time. Struggling to help their family grow. Its families like this are always welcome at the Scotty Foundation. Their purpose is to help those who have a world less fortunate. But they could also use your help too.

What Is The Scotty Foundation?

The Scotty Foundation is a sanctuary for horses. The foundation takes in and trains the animals helping them to get back to their full health if hurt or sick. Once the horses heal and are trained, the search for their perfect home starts. At the Scotty Foundation, they believe that every animal has a purpose and this horse sanctuary provides these horses and other animals the chance to find a purpose. “Our horses, and other animals, interact in the community to educate and bring awareness to responsible horsemanship.” – Susan

The Mission of this foundation is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses and other animals. They help provide therapeutic benefits to your friends and family. There is no charge to visit and ride each of the horses. For all the people and families who might otherwise not be in a position to gain access to these animals. And of course, to find these animals a forever home, you wouldn’t believe it but there is absolutely no charge for learning and taking time to train with the horses at the Scotty Foundation. The owners have built a strong core group of young horses. Helping to train them with love to their specifications, and work to provide free access to children and adults with little or no experience.

The Scotty Foundation is dedicated to educating and promoting a more natural harmonious interaction, of not only humans and horses, but all the world’s creatures. They strive to give the animals that land in our care a new meaningful purpose in life. The Scotty Foundation horses, and other animals, interact in the community to educate and bring awareness to responsible horsemanship.

No More Sad Eyes

Imagine… your cute little big-eyed baby girl looking up at you one day and asks you for a horse for her birthday. But what can you do when you have to tell those beautiful eyes “No” because you cannot afford it? How do you feel when you have to see their sad eyes turn and run away?

This is what the Scotty Foundation helps prevent. For over 6 years the Scotty Foundation has been giving horse training and riding lessons to those families less fortunate. But they now need your help. The Scotty Foundation has not asked for any such donations from anyone since the very beginning and funds have gotten low. They are asking for your help so that they can continue to benefit you. Any kind of donation helps and is extremely appreciated. Contact the Scotty Foundation now for any questions or information on how to start riding by clicking here.

To our construction companies.

The Horse Sanctuary is in need in more ways than one. Materials like leftover concrete also help us to keep the Foundation standing strong. If construction companies can help to donate any materials that are leftover and not needed… well, they can make great use of it. And it would be appreciated.


Welcome to Scotty Foundation

There is no other better place to be. With such wholesome people and talented animals, Scotty Foundation has been changing the lives of many children and families for years. Can you take a guess on how?

Horses! This Horse sanctuary is full of amazing horses such as Tiny, Flicka, Spirit, Murphey and so many others. But these horses do not just stand and look pretty for others. They all have a purpose, and that purpose is meant to find their perfect forever home and help children who are less fortunate. Children with mental disabilities or who suffer through depression, anxiety, and possibly neglect. These horses help show the children love and the feeling of importance and what it is like to feel needed. Every child is important. Now we are not saying these horses are miracle workers. But we have seen some miracles walk out of this ranch.

Not only is it just the horse that makes the ranch so special but the people. Owners Abbie and Susan have a mission too. Their mission is to help rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses and other animals in need of a good home. The Scotty Foundation also helps provide families with therapeutic benefits that may not be in a position to gain access to these animals and to find these animals a forever home.

Our Beautiful Horses & Pigs

Scotties Foundation


Biscuit’s Story

Biscuit was saved by the foundation before he was euthanized for Founder Hoof disease in 2016. He was only 7 years old when he came to the foundation and has become one of our biggest rock stars. His condition is controlled by diet and exercise. Biscuit has a gentle, sweet, loving, carefree personality which makes him a great therapy horse. He is often seen around town when the foundation does community outreach events or special occasions involving small children.

Tiny’s Story

Tiny is the largest horse at The Scotty Foundation. She was rescued from Atlanta and brought to the foundation in 2017 when she was 9 years old. While her size would make her a great carriage horse, her personality was too gentle to be lugging carts around down the street. Because Tiny is so big, she eats twice as much as the other horses. Despite her size, she is often bullied by some of the more dominant horses. However, she is a gentle giant and loves everyone.


Flicka was rescued in Florida as she was left in a field to die with no food or water. She came to the ranch in 2014 when she was only 4 years old. Flicka is one of the 15,000 worldwide Rocky Mountain horses. She is the head of the herd and very dominant. Most days, she loves to gallop down the pasture and jump poles in our arena. Even though she loves to dominate, she is so sweet and gives gentle kisses to all those that ask.


Skye was born at The Scotty Foundation in September 2015. Since his mother is on-site, he is very lucky to be able to stay with his mother as most young horses are taken away. He can be sweet and affectionate; however, Skye is still young and learning his manners. He is a natural jumper and sometimes you can catch him trying to clear gates on his own. He is slowly learning to work under the saddle and is most suited for our experienced riders at this time.

Babe & Charlotte’s Story

Babe and Charlotte arrived at the farm during the summer of 2018 when they were just babies. Babe is purely pink while Charlotte is brown and white. They love to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. During hot days, they will dig a huge hole to lay in and cool off. Charlotte is the most dominant one, while Babe is gentle and loving.

Scotties Foundation

Come and join us for some fun in the sun

If you are interested in meeting the horse at Scotty Foundation, Contact them now. Everyone is welcome no matter what age. Get a chance to train with a former Olympic Horse rider and understand the way horses train and the connections you will be able to make. Don’t miss out on this FREE once in a lifetime opportunity.

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