SAK Comedy Lab Releases New Classes for 2023!

SAK Comedy Lab Releases New Classes for 2023!


SAK Comedy Lab Releases New Classes for 2023! Added Classes in January! See below for an added Saturday Level One, Thursday Standup Class and Improv for Anxiety!


Level One Improv!


7-Weeks, 2.5 hours each week


SAK Comedy Lab Releases New Classes for 2023! We like to say that Improv Level One is for everyone. If you’ve taken a free class from us, you’ll agree. This is an amazing experience where you learn new life skills, play and meet all kinds of cool people. Moreover, SAK students get free admission to most of our shows. You can’t go wrong with these classes, and we’d love to have you in the mix.


  1. Saturdays beginning 1/14 at 12:30pm (8 spaces left)
  2. Sundays beginning 1/8 (sold out)
  3. Mondays beginning 1/9 (sold out)
  4. Tuesdays beginning 1/10 (sold out)



Level One Standup!


8 Weeks, 2.5 Hours each week


Come learn the art of stand-up comedy. The class will focus on stage presence, joke writing, finding your voice and overall performance etiquette with a goal of developing a 5-minute set by the end. The class will run for 8 weeks at SAK and culminates in a student showcase where you get to perform your set!


  1. Thursdays at 7pm (8 spaces left)
  2. Sundays at 7pm (Sold out)



A Wellness Based Experience


Join the workshop or full class!


This program parallels our level one curriculum, but shifts the focus to using the tools of improv to relate to anxiety in a more healthy way. If you’re looking for the fun of an improv class, but with a lighter touch and more introspection, join us for either the workshop or the full 6-week program.


Workshop:This is a 3-hour experience that presents an overview of the philosophy and gives attendees some tools to carry forward. Cost is $65. Sunday, 1/29 at 12:30pm


Full program: The 6-week program is inclusive of the workshop on 1/29, but adds five additional 2-hour sessions. These sessions each have a wellness based focus (such as learning to be accept imperfection), but presented through a fun, “up on your feet”, environment. There will be a break week on 2/12.



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