SAK Comedy Lab Is Open on Christmas, and All Week After!

Spend The Holidays With SAK Comedy Lab

SAK Comedy LAb is open for Christmas and all week after! Stop by for extra holiday fun! The second half of December at SAK is filled with extra weekday shows. Our “Yule of Fools” will replace our standard “Duel of Fools” format, but its the same great show, with a little holiday theming. We also have a show on Christmas Day (at night)! Start a new tradition and bring your family to SAK for the holidays!

Yule of Fools: SAK’s Signature Holiday Improv Show

This is SAK’s signature improv show, themed for the holidays. Two teams of professional improvisers compete for your laughs with audience judges selected at the start of the show. The actors make up songs, scenes and characters right in front of your eyes with the help of the audience’s suggestions and participation. Don’t miss this unique show from Orlando’s top award winning comedy theater!

Improvised Holiday Rock Opera! With a Live Band! 12/26

In “Lights Up: The Improvised Rock Opera!”, the cast takes a suggestion from the audience and creates a completely original story powered by a rock opera performance! This show is an impressive departure from our standard short-form competition shows “Yule of Fools” and “King of the Hill”. If you’re looking for a show that’s as impressive as it is funny, and you like music, you gotta check this out! Just $20 admission. Suitable for all-ages at 7:30pm. 12/26 at 7:30pm

NYE Shows & After-party!

5:30pm, 7:30pm and 10pm

Join us on NYE for one of three awesome shows! One of the first two shows are for all ages, and our 10pm show culminates in a complementary champagne toast at midnight! This is a party for our staff and performers as much as for the general public, so come have an amazing time!

5:30pm show: All-Ages $20
7:30pm show: All Ages. $22
10pm show: Adults only. Champagne toast at midnight! $27

About SAK Comedy Lab

Nowhere else in Florida will you find a place like SAK Comedy Lab. Since 1991, our professional ensemble of improv actors has entertained audiences with our unique brand of live improvised comedy. We take your suggestions and make up characters, scenes and songs on the spot. Our comedy is fun and edgy for adults, but also widely enjoyed by our younger fans.

If you like the show “Whose Line is it Anyway”, you’ll like our show. In fact, SAK was a starting place for the careers of Wayne Brady as well as writers, actors and producers for “Mad TV”, “Saturday Night Live”, and sitcoms such as “Scrubs”, “The Office” and “30 Rock”. Check out our beautiful 250-seat venue, grab beer or wine from our concession lobby, and see the next generation of national comedic talent.

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