Rollins Museum Of Art: Summer Exhibitions | 2022

Rollins Museum Of Art: Summer Exhibitions | 2022

The Rollins Museum of Art will feature new exhibitions in the Summer of 2022. In the narratives of human history. The ocean has served as pathway, battleground, site of origin—a liminal space that is shaped and, in turn, shapes the surrounding world. Because the ocean is more than water. It inspires curiosity. And because of the mysteries of its depth it creates channels of global connection. Also because of this fact it is a muse through the romanticized beauty of its horizon and crested surface.

In these contexts, the ocean becomes a charged space of ambiguous character, and it represents new frontiers to be discovered. For example, it creates a barrier, requiring crossing without reassurance of success. As a response to the Greater Orlando area’s library 2022 summer reading theme Oceans of Possibilities. This exhibition explores how the ocean is visually represented and interpreted. Featuring works by Sandra Ramos, William Trost Richards, Robin van Arsdol, and Franz de Paula Ferg. Boundaries & Frontiers explores narratives related to sociopolitical isolation and passage, national expansion, power, death, and rebirth.

Pathways 2022: The Carlos Malamud Prize

This exhibition is the result of a collaborative partnership between the UCF Art Gallery at the University of Central Florida and the Rollins Museum of Art to celebrate and support emerging professional artists working in Florida. Juried by an external panel of three professionals because of their various areas of the art world, this year’s edition of the exhibition features six artists with diverse practices, whose work will be shown at both venues.

The winning artist of Pathways: The Carlos Malamud Prize will receive a $10,000 cash prize, a solo exhibition at the RMA in the summer of 2023, and will participate as a juror for the following edition of the exhibition. The winner will also receive additional professional development and support. This consistent engagement over time makes Pathways unique and transformative among other art competitions. It hopes to nurture emerging artists and provide a pathway to success, which coincides with the core missions of both presenting institutions.

This year’s finalists

This year’s finalists are Eugene Ofori Agyei, Channing Gray, Aimee Jones, Eric Ondina, Ivan Riascos, and April Webb. The finalists were selected by an independent panel of jurors: Liz Parks, Art Advisor and Founder of Parks Fine Art, New York, Jonell Logan, Independent Curator and Vice President and Creative Director of the McColl Center, North Carolina, Omari Booker, Visual Artist, Los Angeles, and Nashville. The presenting sponsor of the exhibition is the Pabst-Steinmetz Foundation and the funding for the prize is generously provided by Mr. Carlos Malamud of Miami, FL.

Drawn entirely from the museum’s collection and featuring a diverse selection of paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs from the 19th to the 21st centuries, this exhibition examines the notion of the artist as subject. Whether through self-portraits or represented by others, these images speak to the sitters’ identity, self-image, legacy and agency. Scenes showing the artist at work, emphasizing their craft, posing for a formal photographic portrait, or captured interacting casually with others, the selection invites viewers to explore intimate portrayals that reveal insights into the experiences, perspectives, and context of the figures. Beyond the literal, these artworks function as metaphors to express admiration for other artists and as vehicles for self-affirmation, emphasizing the enduring power of the image as document. Featured artists include Robert Arneson, Vanessa Bell, Gabriele Castagnola, Edgar Degas, Alex Katz, Claes Oldenburg, and Gillian Wearing.

What’s New?

This installation features recent acquisitions on a rotating basis. This allows us to share with our visitors some of our new treasures. The selection reflects the museum’s sustained commitment to acquiring works in various media and time periods. And by artists of diverse backgrounds, in alignment with our teaching mission and the curriculum of a liberal arts education. And you may see some of these objects in context as part of themed exhibitions in the future. This rotation includes a selection of photographs by American artist Brett Weston. And as well as works by Brian Eno, Mary Frank, Robert Freeman, Yeondoo Jung and others.

Trauma to Triumphs: Perceptions of the Human Body

Trauma to Triumphs: Perceptions of the Human Body Drawn from the museum’s permanent collection. This Rollins Museum of Art exhibition explores how artists engage with the study of anatomy. This is done from multiple perspectives and informed by history and personal experiences. The selection of works on view conveys different approaches to the human body as subject through the artists’ shared interest in observation, anatomical studies, and storytelling. Featured artists include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Arthur Bowen Davies, Einar and Jamex de la Torre, Daniel Huntington, and Caitlin Keogh. This exhibition was guest curated by former Fred Hicks Curatorial Fellow and Rollins alumna Maia Bhikarrie, ‘22.

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