Rollins College Professors Are Planning Their Classes Despite COVID-19

Even though COVID-19 is looming on the horizon, Rollins College Professors are still at work preparing for the fall semester. It could prove to be even more challenging than the spring semester

Rollins Plans for Fall of 2020

At some point, students will be coming back to class. The problem is, Rollins College professors don’t know what classes are going to look like. Some students will be coming back in the fall, but others may take up virtual classes.

“What’s the appropriate class size for social distancing? What’s the range of technologies that can support the kinds of pedagogies that we offer at Rollins?” said Nancy Chick.

Chick is the director for the Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development at Rollins. She is helping professors and faculty work through questions like those.

How Other Professors are Managing Future Courses

Art Professor Rachel Simmons knowns that her classes are more hands-on than virtual. It was tough for her to adjust to virtual classes.

“A lot of what they were able to do in the journal is just express how they were feeling when they were isolated, having to leave campus suddenly,” said Simmons.

Alot of students have been working in a time of high anxiety and stress. Times like these really impact the type of expression that comes out in areas such as these.

Future Classes at Rollins College

In the future, Rollins College will be making their student’s health a priority. They will be doing this through social distancing measures. Classes might be split in two. One half of the class might come in during one period, and the other would come in during the next. Some students will still have to remain doing virtual or Facetime classes.

About Rollins College

Rollins College was founded in 1885 by New England Congregationalists who aimed to bring their style of liberal arts education to Central Florida. Rollins College is a four-year institution and the first recognised college in Florida.

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