Revibe Sports Psychology & Hypnosis

Revibe Sports Psychology & Hypnosis

Revibe Therapy is, a mental wellness therapeutic clinic aimed at offering high-quality, evidenced based Hypnotherapeutic and Psychotherapeutic interventions to build your happiest state of well-being, thus optimizing quality of life.

They understand that the mind, heart, spirit, and body are all linked to each other and must be addressed as a holistic therapeutic experience to reach maximum healing.

What Is Hypnosis

Hypnosis will help to break cycles. Breaking this perpetual cycle takes consistency and discipline, but the reward is invaluable. In the safety of therapy we can go back to different scenarios where you felt the uncomfortable emotion. Hypnosis to get to the root of:

Stress (Trying to control too many things all at once, while maintaining quality)
Anxiety (Fearing the future because of not feeling in control of the present)
Frustration (What’s being done isn’t working)
Depression (Frustration has been too much to handle, so I quit)
Anger (Unfairness is happening to me)
Guilt (I am causing unfairness)
Boredom (Lack of a challenge, something interesting, fun, or a growth experience)
Loneliness (Not connecting to others who care about the same things I do)
Sadness (Loss of someone/something important to me)

Issues That Hypnosis Addresses

Hypnosis addresses several issues, including the following:

*Sleep Issues
*Sexual Issues
*Relationship Issues
*Lack Of Confidence
*Breakup Recovery
*Repetitive Habits
*Memory and Concentration Issues
*Trauma & Complex Trauma

Sports Psychology

Revibe Therapy also specializes in sports psychology, which will increase the following in any sport:


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