Reliving The Winter Charm: A Charlie Brown Christmas Revives At ICE At Gaylord Palms

Reliving The Winter Charm: A Charlie Brown Christmas Revives At ICE At Gaylord Palms

As the warmth of summer holds influence in August, a clue of wintery nostalgia emerges in Central Florida, offering a glimpse into the upcoming festive holiday season. A captivating attraction that encapsulates this joyful time’s essence is ICE at Gaylord Palms. This year, the resort is reviving the cherished theme of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

ICE presents an immersive and enchanting experience, leading visitors through a precisely crafted wonderland crafted from over 2 million pounds of sculpted and colored ice. Stepping into this chilly world where temperatures plummet to a brisk 9 degrees, guests are provided with well-insulated, thick parkas to ensure they remain cozy during their exploration.

Check out the last time the Gaylord Palms hosted Charlie Brown in 2016 in the video below.

ICE At Gaylord Palms

Consider packing gloves, snug socks, and layered attire to improve your comfort during this frosty adventure.

The spirit of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” springs to life within this frozen landscape, featuring beloved Peanuts characters such as Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Linus, Snoopy, and Peppermint Patty. Amid the frozen marvels, you’ll find imaginative ice Christmas trees, including the iconic slender one loved by Charlie Brown.

Every nook of the exhibition indicates interaction and photo opportunities, capturing the essence of the holiday special, complete with its heartwarming tunes and harmonies. Visitors will also encounter icy tunnels, inviting seating zones, and the excitement of two-story ice slides within the extensive 20,000-square-foot showcase.

The Gaylord Palms Has Mastered ICE Over The Years

For years, ICE has been brought to life in Florida through the exceptional craftsmanship of master ice sculptors originating from Harbin, China. Their scrupulous artistry transforms a staggering 6,700 blocks, each weighing a substantial 300 pounds, into intricate holiday scenes and characters, a process spanning approximately five weeks.

Beyond the delightful sculptures inspired by “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” ICE offers patrons ageless Christmas scenes and a captivating Carver’s Showcase, where live ice sculpting demonstrations take center stage.

Yet, ICE only forms a fraction of the holiday charm at Gaylord Palms. The festive lineup extends to encompass Christmas-themed entertainment, family-friendly activities for guests, an engaging escape room, melodious carolers, the creative pursuit of decorating gingerbread houses, the welcoming Bavarian Alpine Village shopping enclave, and the renowned “Cirque: Spirit of Christmas” performance.

Another glimpse of Charlie Brown At ICE in Gaylord Palms back in 2016. 

Santa And Mrs. Clause Will Appear

Santa and Mrs. Claus are scheduled to visit the Alpine Village from November 17 to December 24, eagerly awaiting cheerful meet-and-greet sessions and heartwarming story-time interactions.

The holiday enchantment at Gaylord Palms, including the captivating ICE attraction, is now within reach through ticket purchases and exclusive hotel packages. Don’t miss ICE at Gaylord Palms, to learn more about the Christmas experience at Gaylord Palms and the ICE exhibit, kindly explore As time advances, the spirit of the season will draw near, inviting us all to embrace the marvel and warmth of cherished holiday traditions.

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