Rainy Day Games At Home For Kids | 2022

Rainy Day Games At Home For Kids | 2022

Are you looking for rainy day games at home for kids? Most people with children under 10 years old, are old enough to remember when we didn’t have endless technology to keep us busy during a rainy day in the house. Children used to be bored, often. Now, they have every piece of technology necessary to entertain them endlessly. But what if we didn’t let them access that technology all of the time?

Many parents are now restricting their children’s screen time. It may seem obvious, but two non-stop days of technology during a storm or hurricane isn’t good for anyone. Keep your kids off of technology and under control by introducing them to some good old-fashioned fun!

We have put together a list of fun indoor activities that get your children’s brains working and keep them off of their tech.  Remember these fun indoor games as your go-to list on the next rainy day. This way there is no stress coming up with kids’ indoor activities at the last minute.

Games That Involve Balloons

There are many indoor games you can create with balloons, making them fun and cheap. These are sure to entertain your kids while they’re stuck at home. It’s always a good idea to keep some balloons around for any unexpected occasion that pop up, but also to utilize for these games and even as water balloons for the kids when the temperatures spike.

Balloon Hockey Is The First On Our List Of Rainy Day Games At Home For Kids

Balloon Hockey is an easy, simple, game to create. With a few balloons or “pucks”, hockey sticks or hockey stick like objects such as wrapping paper tubes, and a laundry basket, empty trash can, or a bucket, you can easily create the perfect rainy day indoor game for kids.

Simply blow up your balloon pucks and place a laundry basket etc. on opposite ends of the “rink”. Separate the family into two teams and see who can score the most goals in any given time. The oven timer is perfect for keeping time. Even with only 2 kids, each child can play the offensive and defensive. There’s no reason for a dedicated goalie.

Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis is a fun rainy-day activity for kids at home. All you need are balloons, paper plates and a wooden spoon.

Tape your wooden spoon or spatula to the back of your paper plate and use it as a tennis racket. Then, players take turns swatting the balloon back and forth until someone lets it hit the table, ground, or whatever surface you’re playing on. Every time someone lets the balloon touch the ground, table etc. then the opposing player earns a point. The first person to reach 15 points is the winner. Kids can also play alone while timing how long they can keep balloons in the air without it touching the ground.

Hopscotch Is On Of The Great Rainy Day Games For Kids

Indoor Hopscotch is another rainy-day activity for kids. All you need is some painters tape to mark your hopscotch board on the ground. Painter’s tape is used because it will easily pull up off of surfaces and will not leave behind any damage or residue. Part of the fun associated with indoor hopscotch is the creation of the table. Kids will learn to map out the hopscotch board, requiring then to guesstimate tape length to build a structurally logical hopscotch board, not a board that’s all out of whack.

On top of that, they’ll be using their brains to keep score of their hopscotch score. That makes this the perfect activity for some brain training during a long day of inactivity. You can find the official rules and explanations of hopscotch here.

The Floor Is Lava

Okay, this is a personal favorite for many and highly nostalgic. If your children have never played the floor is lava then they be surprised to know that you played this game when you were their age.  Hot Lava Indoor Game for Kids when your stuck inside on rainy days. A fun energy busting kids activity they’ll love.

How To Play: In this fun game all the players pretend that the floor is made of lava and they cannot touch the ground. The players must move around the room by climbing on furniture and creating bridges with common household items such as books or pillows.

Any player that touches the floor during the game is out.

During the game the players must be constantly moving from one area of the room to the next and aren’t allowed to sit or stand anywhere for more then 10 seconds. If you touch the floor or “lava” then that person is out. The last person standing wins, and the game starts over again.

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