Plans for a New Outdoor Event Center in Winter Park

We’re excited over the prospect of a new event center and library in Winter Park. Back in 2016, voters approved the issuance of a $30 million bond referendum to finance the cost to construct this new facility. This new building is a new 21st century, state-of-the-art library & events center for the community.


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The City of Winter Park has teased us with a few updates.

The City of Winter Park has released the following updates for the upcoming Winter Park Canopy Project at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, which includes their new library and events center.

The new 50,000 SF development is being designed by a celebrity architecture team, Adjaye Associates and Hunton-Brady Architects. Adjaye Associates will serve as the design leads while Hunton-Brady will serve as the executive architects.


The project updates include:

  • Demolition of the former civic center building has been completed.
  • The Canopy budget is apparently still on-budget for the majority of the development but they are still fundraising for “add alternate” projects like a port cochere (see below), a potential rooftop venue, outdoor amphitheater, and extra parking.
  • An agreement was made with Heritage Park for shared parking during large events. The Canopy is planned to have 237 surface parking spaces despite only being required to provide 146.
  • Five trees have been removed from the site to prepare for construction, including on diseased laurel oak, four live oaks, and 36 palms. According to the City of Winter Park the live oaks were all younger than 33 years.
  • Soil on the property has been deemed suitable for construction.
  • Stormwater management plans are still being designed.
  • New renderings have been completed, as seen below.

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