Phenomenom Nitrogen Ice Cream and Bake Shop Open in Winter Park

When it comes to ice cream treats, most of us would never think of nitrogen as part of the production process. Nitrogen ice cream is the specialty at South Florida-based Phenomenom Nitrogen Ice Cream and Bake Shop  . The Phenomenom has expanded in South Florida, with locations in South Beach, Boca Raton, and PineCrest They are now open and serving up their savory treats in Winter Park. Phenomenom’s new location opened on Oct. 27, is located between the Michaels and the Petco in the plaza at 501 Orlando Ave. 

The question we are all thinking is, why nitrogen? Nitrogen ice cream has scientific advantages that create a superior taste compared to traditional ice cream. 

  1. It’s creamier – Liquid nitrogen, at -320°F, produces the smallest ice crystals possible, giving it an extra creamy texture.
  2. NO freezer burn –  ice cream, served seconds after freezing, will never fall victim to freezer burn like traditional ice cream that is often covered in a layer of ice.
  3. Air Tight – Unlike the commercial ice cream you see in the store that is “pumped” with air to deflate food costs, their freezing process limits the amount of air in our finished product, keeping the texture extra creamy.
  4. Pure Flavor – We use only the best ingredients and pure flavorings for our Ice Cream. We know you’ll taste the difference.

Phenomenom serves more than ice cream, they also offer cookies, coffee, and cold brew. Like their Facebook page and check out their Instagram for more food porn. 

This is how the magic happens: 


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