Pepe’s Cantina Winter Park Has A New Menu, Including A Secret Menu | 2022

Pepe’s Cantina Winter Park Has A New Menu, Including A Secret Menu | 2022

Pepe’s Cantina Winter Park has a new menu, including a secret menu. We have written a food review for Pepe’s Cantina in the past which you can read by clicking the button below. Pepe’s Cantina Winter Park is conveniently located off Park Ave in downtown Winter Park, FL. If you’re looking for tasty Mexican eats in the Winter Park area, you’re sure to be happy with the offerings that Pepe’s Cantina in Winter Park has on their main and secret menu’s.

Pepe’s Cantina Winter Park, New Menu

Pepe’s is a favorite for many Winter Park locals. If you’re a regular at Pepe’s you’ll be happy to know that their new menu hasn’t changes too much. You can still order all your favorites such as Chimichanga’s (our favorite), Enchilada’s, Ceviche, Taco’s, XXL Burrito’s, and of course their famous tableside guacamole. In addition to their traditional Mexican fare, Pepe’s is also offering a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. If you’re unsure of your order, click the button below and have a look at their full, new menu.

Pepe’s Cantina Winter Park Offers A Full Bar

From red and white wines, to cerveza’s and margaritas, Pepe’s Cantina offers everything you need to catch an afternoon buzz. This also includes upside down margaritas and shots of tequila. So, no matter what you’re after, Pepe’s offers enough of a variety for anyone observing a liquid diet after a hard day’s work. These options are in addition to their extensive cocktail list.

Secret Menu

So, it has come to our attention that Pepe’s Cantina Winter Park also offers a secret menu option (we swear we didn’t know before today). Now, we’re going to pass this secret option onto you. However, you must promise to keep your mouth shut. Seriously, if we can’t trust you with this secret, we won’t tell you anything ever again (just kidding). For real though, Pepe’s is offering Birria Tacos as their secret menu option. If you’ve never had Birria Tacos, you have not lived life to the fullest. Believe us, we make these at home all the time.  

Do yourself a favor, head over to Pepe’s after work and order some Birria Tacos and maybe a cocktail or two. Also, you can order Pepe’s online and have your meal delivered. However, if you have your heart set on some tasty Birria Tacos, you’ll be out of luck if you’re ordering online; so just make sure you pay them a visit if that’s what you’re looking for. Click the button below to place a delivery order from Pepe’s Cantina Winter Park.

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