Penguin Trek Is The New Rollercoaster Coming To SeaWorld This Spring

Penguin Trek Is The New Rollercoaster Coming To SeaWorld This Spring

Penguin Trek is coming to SeaWorld this spring. Prepare for the unveiling of SeaWorld Orlando’s latest roller coaster escapade! If you’re a thrill-seeker in pursuit of the next rush of adrenaline, the imminent arrival of Penguin Trek assures an exhilarating experience. Set to welcome visitors in spring 2024, this roller coaster stands as SeaWorld’s eighth addition to its growing coaster repertoire.

Penguin Trek Invites Riders On A Thrilling Expedition

Crafted by the distinguished engineering firm Bolliger & Mabillard, Penguin Trek invites riders on a thrilling expedition, simulating a penguin-research mission across the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica. The ride features distinctive snowmobile-styled cars navigating a labyrinth of twists and turns, incorporating two launches that propel them at speeds reaching 43 mph along a track extending 3,020 feet, both indoors and outdoors.

Penguin Trek extends beyond mere thrills; it offers a unique conclusion, differentiating itself from other coasters. Instead of the customary post-ride visit to a gift shop, this family-friendly coaster delivers an educational and heartwarming finale. Following the journey, riders have the opportunity to explore SeaWorld’s live penguin habitat, enhancing the adventure and fostering a connection with the park’s dedication to animal care, education, and research.

Penguin Trek Epitomizes The Family Launch Experience

SeaWorld underscores that Penguin Trek epitomizes the ultimate family launch coaster experience, accommodating a diverse range of rider heights, from 42 inches to 77 inches. Jon Peterson, president of SeaWorld Orlando, characterizes the ride as capturing the essence of adventure and exploration, offering an immersive odyssey through the wonders of Antarctica while reinforcing the park’s commitment to animal welfare and research.

For those eagerly anticipating the thrills of Penguin Trek, SeaWorld Orlando presents a special opportunity. The 2024 Annual Pass is currently available for purchase, granting pass holders early access to this exciting adventure before its public opening. For additional details and to secure tickets and annual passes, visit Seize the chance to embark on this snowy expedition with Penguin Trek – Orlando’s newest addition to the roller coaster scene.

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