Park Avenue Tavern: NYC Flavor In The Heart Of Winter Park, Florida

Park Avenue Tavern: NYC Flavor In The Heart Of Winter Park, Florida

Situated in our charming neighborhood of Winter Park, the fairly new location of NYC’s Park Avenue Tavern is making a significant impression on locals and the surrounding dining scene. Their cool corner location makes them stand out among the established Downtown Winter Park streets. As a laid-back tavern-style restaurant, they boast a modern feel with a balanced ambiance of fun and friendly vibes that make you want to sit and stay a while. From their tasty, fresh, creative, scratch-made dishes, to the upbeat blues and hits from artists like Donna Summer dawning the airwaves, Park Avenue Tavern is truly the hip new place that Downtown Winter Park needed.

What’s A Good Tavern Without An Extensive Drink Collection?

The moment you step into Park Avenue Tavern you are greeted by the site of an extensive bar that boasts a wide beer, wine, and liquor selection. Their curated selection is impressive. Featuring unique spirits like Michter’s and Yamazaki, alongside fresh brews like Golden Road Brewing Mango Cart, is enough to put a smile on anyone who partakes. The cocktail menu shines bright with specialty cocktails and creative signature martinis like the lychee martini.

Service, Service, And More Service

One highlight of our visit to the Park Avenue Tavern was the impeccable service. Holly, our server, was abundantly friendly, and attentive, and ensured that every scene of our visit was perfect. The General Manager, Todd, also made rounds to ensure everything was running smoothly, adding a personal touch to the evening. Brandon, one of the sous chefs even made an appearance. You quickly understand that the Park Avenue Tavern staff genuinely cares about you and your experience. We want to offer a sincere thank you to the whole team for the wonderful experience that they provided us.

The Tuna Poke Starter

Park Avenue Tavern offers a new lunch and dinner menu already garnering attention. In our experience, finding a poke dish anywhere other than a dedicated poke spot is uncommon. This is one of the things that makes Park Avenue Tavern so interesting. Their menu is eclectic, fresh, and high quality with options you wouldn’t expect to find and dishes that aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of creativity (something we’ll discuss more in-depth later on). Perfectly cooked rice paired with super fresh ingredients, tasty tuna, a delicious homemade sauce, and all the trimmings made this dish an instant hit.

The Quinoa Grain Bowl

The perfect summertime pick-me-up. The quinoa grain bowl is refreshing and flavorful from their house-made lemon-truffle vinaigrette (Put truffle on it! Just do it!). It is an ideal choice for a hot day that leaves you energized and satisfied. Not to mention, the portions are heaping. This dish is a fantastic alternative for lunch which provides nutrition along with plenty of flavor. Also, they offer gluten-free options; which is nice!

The Most Interesting Flatbread

The flatbread stands out the moment you lay eyes on it. Unlike the flatbreads we’ve all become accustomed to, this version was super thin and leaves you wondering how they packed so much flavor into this literally “flat” bread. With a kick of spice, you’ll want to utilize the yogurt dipping sauce which adds a refreshing twist on this Mediterranean-style grilled flatbread. The roasted garlic labneh, Calabrian chili, and healthy portioning of za’atar make for a dish with significant staying power.

Who Loves Steak Frites? We Love Steak Frites!

This is another dish that we were surprised to see. If you follow any foodie accounts on Instagram or TikTok, there’s a good chance you’ve come across an Instagram chef showing you how to make cowboy butter. However, how many times have you seen this on a menu? We have yet to see anyone offering cowboy butter other than the Park Avenue Tavern. The tender Angus steak was slathered in it. Accompanied by the most perfectly crunchy shoestring fries that you could hope for, this indulgent experience provides comfort in the form of a hearty and traditional meal with the Park Avenue Tavern spin that we have fallen in love with.

Espresso-Rubbed What?

Now, we’re not sure if espresso is rubbed on chicken wings for flavor, tenderness, or both; but, we’re a fan. We loved the Espresso-Rubbed Chicken Wings so much that we will probably dub the Park Avenue Tavern our new wing spot when those cravings rear their ugly heads every few weeks. Served with whole celery, house-made blue cheese, and topped with sesame seeds, this is another creative dish that Park Avenue Tavern is quickly becoming known for. This is everything you want in a chicken wing. Crispy, juicy, flavorful. THIS is how chicken wings were meant to be enjoyed. Now, you have two options, but we know for a fact that we’re not steering you wrong when we recommend the barbecue sauce (which is made in-house. Just like 90% of all their sauces and most other items.) This is a standout dish that we were extremely happy to try. Also, they offer these wings for $1 each during happy hour which takes place everyday!

Pay Park Avenue Tavern A Visit This Summer

Park Avenue Tavern in Winter Park is a must-visit. Whether you’re in the mood for a light and fresh poke bowl, hearty steak frites, or some of the best wings around, this place has something to satisfy everyone. The excellent service, creative menu options, and vibrant atmosphere make it a standout dining spot. We can’t wait for our next visit to Park Avenue Tavern! Like always, when you inevitably visit them, tell them Park Ave Magazine sent ya!

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