Paris Baguette Is The New Bakery Opening In Winter Park

Paris Baguette Is The New Bakery Opening In Winter Park

Winter Park is the new home to Paris Baguette. Paris Baguette is our newest local bakery that’s set to open in the heart of town. Throughout households on a national level, Paris Baguette has become synonymous with quality baked goods. Enjoy delicious pastries, warm breads, stunning cakes, and expertly brewed drinks while feeling right at home. If baguettes, cakes, and other baked goods float your boat, keep reading. We’ll let you know when and where Paris Baguette will be opening and how to view their menu. 

Want To Stay Up To Date? 

The best thing you can do, if you want to stay up to dat with all of Paris Baguette’s tasty treats, is to follow Paris Baguette on social media. S
tay up to date by visiting their Facebook page, Instagram page, or Twitter page. To make this a little easier, simply click the button below to check out their Facebook page now. Also, you can follow them on Instagram @parisbaguette_usa. All of Paris Baguette’s social media channels are listed as icons further down in this article. No matter which of their social media pages you visit, you can still achieve the most important goal; taking a look at all their tasty pics.

The New Paris Baguette Location And Cool Features

The new store will be located at 325 S. Orlando Avenue in the heart of Winter Park. This becomes extremely convenient for all local residents. The new Paris Baguette will feature large self-serve displays filled with an assortment of pastries and cakes. These self-serve displays will also feature observation bays. This allows patrons to gaze at bakers and cake makers hard at work in the kitchen. This is a cool feature, especially for children who may be interested in cooking and baking. 

When Will Paris Baguette Open? 

Their grand opening is scheduled for October 20, 2022 so make sure you mark your calendars. Keep in mind, the first 25 guests, on opening day, will receive a $25 Paris Baguette gift card. Cake and dessert samples will also be available all day long on the day of the grand opening. 

What About Their Menu?

The menu at Paris Baguette seems endless. Menu features include whole cakes and cakes by the slice. This isn’t all, their menu goes on to include gourmet sandwiches, breads, salads, mochi donuts, and chocolate croissants etc. Paris Baguette boasts coffee and tea services as well. As you can see, Paris Baguette’s extensive menu makes them a one stop shop to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can also stop in for an afternoon tea and a sweet treat. 

Paris Baguette Emulates Quality At Every Turn

On every level, Paris Baguette strives to do their best to deliver the highest quality baked goods to you. Their certified bakers, cakers, and baristas are brimming with talent and eager to share their perfectly crafted creations.

“We’re built for connection and community, and we take our responsibility as a good neighbor to heart. Through the magic of baking, we’re committed to giving back and making a real impact on those around us.” – Paris Baguette

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