Parea Greek Taverna: A Culinary Renaissance In Maitland’s Former Outpost Kitchen Space

Parea Greek Taverna: A Culinary Renaissance In Maitland’s Former Outpost Kitchen Space

Parea Greek Taverna is gearing up to revitalize the former Outpost Kitchen space in Maitland this autumn, heralding a culinary haven at the bustling intersection of Horatio and South Orlando avenues. The experienced team behind Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine is at the helm of this endeavor, ensuring the locale undergoes the gastronomic upgrade it merits.

The comprehensive renovation of the venue will be overseen by Gravity Architecture & Design, the acclaimed firm known for transforming spaces like Glass Knife, Agave Azul, Splitsville, F&D Prime, Ravagh Persian Grill, and Hershey’s Chocolate World in New York City. Following this metamorphosis, Parea Greek Taverna is poised to take the spotlight at 111 S. Orlando Avenue.

Parea Greek Taverna

The Owners Draw Inspiration From Their Greek Heritage

“Parea,” a term encapsulating the essence of companionship, company, and community in Greek culture, embodies the atmosphere the owners aim to foster within the taverna. The proprietors, draw inspiration from their deep-rooted Greek heritage to imbue authenticity into every facet of Parea.

As disclosed in a press release, Parea’s culinary repertoire boasts family recipes passed down through generations. From Yiayia Phyllis’ acclaimed lemon potatoes to Yiayia Koula’s delightful bougatsa (a custard pastry), each dish serves as a testament to a “labor of love.” The taverna strives to transport patrons to the heart of Greek culinary traditions, offering an experience that transcends mere dining.

Parea Greek Taverna

Stepping Into The Spotlight

Stepping into the spotlight, Parea Greek Taverna brings forth a culinary legacy interwoven with familial bonds and cultural heritage. The fall opening signals a long-awaited transformation for Maitland, and although it may have taken five years, the assurance of exceptional dining and a lively community atmosphere is finally at hand. Parea Greek Taverna transcends the realm of a mere restaurant; it is a celebration of Greek flavors, companionship, and the delight of sharing exceptional food with the community.

A Culinary Journey Awaits In Maitland

As Parea Greek Taverna prepares to unveil its vibrant tapestry of flavors and cultural celebrations in the heart of Maitland, the anticipation for this culinary haven reaches its peak. With each dish carrying the essence of family heritage and the warmth of Greek companionship, Parea stands not just as a restaurant but as a testament to the enduring love for authentic culinary experiences. The intersection of Horatio and South Orlando avenues is poised to become more than a crossroads; it will be a gathering place where the community comes together to savor the rich tapestry of Greek traditions and forge new culinary memories. Parea Greek Taverna’s imminent debut signals not just the arrival of a restaurant but the dawn of a culinary era, promising a feast for the senses and a celebration of community spirit in Maitland.

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