Orlando’s Own Agent Octopus Releases Surf-Rock Jams To Enhance Your Summer

Orlando’s Own Agent Octopus Releases Surf-Rock Jams To Enhance Your Summer

Orlando’s own Agent Octopus releases surf-rock jams to enhance your summer. Orlando’s local sensation, Agent Octopus, has recently released an extraordinary surf-rock EP that is sure to become a favorite on your summer playlist. Appropriately named “From Atlantis With Love,” this release provides a much-needed break from the boiling heat, delivering refreshing and vibrant tunes that cool off even the hottest days.

From the very beginning, the EP’s James Bond-inspired title hints at an exhilarating and daring musical journey. With the first few notes, it becomes obvious that this release is an exciting ride, reminiscent of the crashing waves of the North Shore rather than the gentler tides of Waikiki.

Agent Octopus: From Atlantis With Love

While staying true to their classic surf sound, defined by clean and resonant guitar lines inducing visions of golden sunsets over shimmering oceans, “From Atlantis With Love” highlights a more intense and edgy side of Agent Octopus. The guitars take on a wild character similar to the adrenaline-pumping maneuvers of surfers. Tracks like “Black Sea Reef” feature wicked riffs that transport listeners to an aquatic world of excitement, while “Silver Surfer: Redemption” leaves us impressed with fiery licks and thundering timpani drums.

The EP’s genius is further magnified by the collaboration with guest musicians like multi-platinum drummer Chuck Sabo and Grammy-nominated cellist Chloe Mendola, adding depth and dimension to the already captivating sound. Nevertheless, it is the core duo of guitarists, Jim Colby and Art Svrjcek, who lead the charge with their exceptional creativity. “From Atlantis With Love” not only marks their triumphant return but also firmly establishes Agent Octopus as the premier surf band in the area.

Now Available On Streaming Platforms

Now available on popular platforms like Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music, the EP guarantees surf-rock enthusiasts worldwide can embark on this musical journey. With their latest release, Agent Octopus reiterates their mastery of the craft, elevating the surf-rock genre to new heights and leaving audiences wanting more.

Beyond their irrefutable musical ability, Agent Octopus is known for their dynamic live performances that transport audiences to a beachside paradise. Their shows are transcendent experiences, capturing the essence of surf culture and translating it into a sonic scene that embraces everyone in attendance.

“As temperatures soar and we yearn for respite from the relentless heat, “From Atlantis With Love” arrives like a serenade from the depths of the ocean, offering solace and excitement in equal measure. The EP embodies the spirit of summer, making it an essential addition to any playlist curated for those sun-soaked days by the shore.”

A Gateway To Carefree Enjoyment

Amidst the pressing global issue of climate change, Agent Octopus’ surf-rock becomes a portal to carefree enjoyment, where the world’s worries disappear with each chord. So, put on your sunscreen and shades, and let the refreshing sounds of Agent Octopus sail you away to a world where summer doesn’t stop.

“From Atlantis With Love” stands as evidence of Agent Octopus’ amazing talent and their commitment to stimulating and reimagining the surf-rock genre. With this release, they have definitely cemented their position as the essential surf band of our time. Whether you are an experienced surfer or someone in search of an unforgettable musical journey, this EP promises to be the surf-rock gem your summer playlist has been waiting for. Don’t miss out on this wave of sonic delight; dive in and let Agent Octopus carry you away on a wave of electrifying melodies and sun-soaked rhythms.

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