Orlando’s Culinary Scene Expands With Nami: A Fresh Japanese Omakase Restaurant And Cocktail Bar

Orlando’s Culinary Scene Expands With Nami: A Fresh Japanese Omakase Restaurant And Cocktail Bar

Orlando is on the cusp of an exciting culinary addition as Nami, an upscale Japanese omakase restaurant and cocktail bar, prepares for its grand opening. Scheduled to welcome its first patrons on September 27th, Nami will be located at 6004 Artist Ave., nestled within the Lake Nona Wave Hotel. This intriguing establishment is the brainchild of Tavistock Restaurant Collection and pledges to offer its guests a distinctive and intimate dining experience.

At the core of Nami’s concept lies an intimate dining area capable of accommodating up to 67 diners, fostering a welcoming and snug ambiance. Furthermore, the venue boasts an exclusive 10-seat omakase counter, promising a more personalized culinary journey.

Groundbreaking Nami Dishes

The creative force behind the kitchen is Chef de Cuisine Jason Beliveau, whose culinary expertise seamlessly blends traditional Japanese ingredients with a contemporary twist, infusing elements inspired by European cuisine. The menu will showcase an assortment of delectable shared dishes, including tempting selections like lobster donuts adorned with matcha powder, enticing “Nami Nuggets,” and groundbreaking tuna pizza.

The culinary team behind Nami is nothing short of extraordinary, featuring renowned figures such as Culinary Director Freddy Money, who also oversees Atlas and The Garden Room at the St. Regis Atlanta. Senior Culinary Director Eli Kaimeh, previously of Per Se, and Corporate Pastry Chef Stuart Whitfield, formerly associated with The Glass Knife, are accompanying him.


The omakase counter is the place to be for those seeking a more exclusive dining experience. Here, guests can savor the same culinary influences found in the main dining area but in a more intimate setting. The omakase experience offers multi-course tastings, spanning from nigiri to thoughtfully curated small plates, customized for each evening. Reservations for the omakase counter are strongly recommended and can be secured in advance.

Nami will be accessible to the public from 5 p.m. every Wednesday through Sunday, with final dinner reservations available until 10 p.m. on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Following the last dinner seating, patrons can indulge in a condensed late-night menu.

Opening September 27th

Nami is poised to join the ranks of Orlando’s esteemed culinary establishments, alongside Bacán, Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen, Canvas Restaurant & Market, and more. With its fusion of traditional Japanese flavors and contemporary innovation, Nami is poised to become a culinary destination that will leave a lasting impression on Orlando’s dynamic dining landscape. Mark your calendars for September 27th and embark on a gastronomic journey unlike any other at Nami.

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