Orlando’s Artist, Healboi Bedside, Unveils New Hip-Hop Creation ‘Serene Exile’

Orlando’s Artist, Healboi Bedside, Unveils New Hip-Hop Creation ‘Serene Exile’

Orlando artists, Healboi Bedside, releases a new album. In the Orlando music scene since the early 2010s, Leonel Urena has been a dynamic force under various aliases. Recognized for his unbridled creativity within the alternative electronic genre, Urena has contributed to the success of notable local talents, adopting monikers such as DigitalDayDream (collaborating with Palmer Reed, Truly Def, Kreepy K, City Tucker), the electronic duo Lotus Cloud (partnering with Mag.Lo, EyeQ, O_Super), and most recently, his solo venture as Healboi Bedside, featuring collaborations with Orlando’s The OG Ninja and the Bronx’s Mickey Factz.

Of all these musical projects, Healboi Bedside stands out as the most comprehensive representation of Urena’s artistic identity. Despite a prolific solo career since its debut in 2019, the latest album, ‘Serene Exile,’ presents the most refined and polished version of Healboi Bedside to date.

Healboi Bedside And Artistic Evolution

Previous releases showcased a mind teeming with diverse ideas, displaying a remarkable range of emotion, style, and skill encompassing both rap and singing. ‘Serene Exile’ encapsulates these qualities but represents the pinnacle of Healboi’s artistic evolution. The production is enriched with tasteful left-field elements, offering a more fluid and pointed musical experience.

The album’s strength lies in the seamless framing and the confident flow of Healboi’s raps, making it an impressive and extensive musical journey. While Healboi proudly embraces nostalgia, his outlook is undeniably forward-thinking. ‘Serene Exile’ emerges as a testament to a fresh voice skillfully navigating the intersection between modern and classic hip-hop.

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