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For The Lovers And Lusters Of Orlando Underground Art

If you are an Aesthete looking for a new fix, look no further than PARKHAUS15. The venue remains humble and true to it’s roots, located in a local garage in the central Florida area. The space is an artist-run, non-profit space for experimental, artistic and curational practices alike. Should you be in the area and looking for Orlando underground art, look no further than PARKHAUS15.

How It Was Founded

Sandra Zanetti is a local artist and University of Central Florida alum who truly wants to give back. Her work dives deep into the rapidly evolving physical, political, and psychological landscape of today. Finding great success, her work has been exhibited, and published throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Living out her own passion, Zanetti’s sights are now on lifting others up and providing a platform to do so. She came up with the idea upon noticing how difficult it was to find experimental work that local spaces would host. Zanetti believes that what is most important to an exhibit is who shows up and what kind of dialogue takes place alongside the art.

How It’s Going In The Orlando Underground Art Scene

PARKHAUS15 was the brainchild of great minds in collaboration. The concept begins in October 2020 as a transitory exhibition space. Here, it works to organize exhibitions, screenings and interventions with local original artists. The venue successfully remains an underground gallery in Orlando thanks to Sandra Zanetti and other wonderful contributors. It features a many emerging artists local to the greater Orlando and Winter Park area. In fact, the gallery has successfully put on four exhibitions so far, making many plans for more. “Throughout my time in Orlando, I have seen a lot of connectedness within the arts… but not as many conversations, that’s what I want to bring here,” Zanetti said.

COVID-19 And Art

Though born in the midst of the pandemic, PARKHAUS15 has great determination to keep a root hold. Not just for the sake of it’s own survival, but for the benefit of the artist community. A survey by Americans for the Arts, gives artists and creatives a voice to show they are among the most severely impacted community by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, only 41% of nonprofit organizations are currently open, leaving the majority with doors remaining shut. Additionally, 67% of over twenty-thousand artists included in the survey state they lack access to major components. This includes supplies, resources, spaces, and/or people necessary for creative work.


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