Orlando installed solar-powered Wi-Fi hotspot picnic tables

Orlando installed solar-powered WI-Fi hotspot picnic tables

Orlando installed solar-powered WI-Fi hotspot picnic tables. The City of Orlando was awarded a $20,000 grant from the AARP as part of a Community Challenge initiative that helps fund “quick-action”. Projects to make communities more accessible for residents of all ages.

Solar-Powered Picnic Tables!

Orlando installed solar-powered Wi-Fi hotspot picnic tables. February 10, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, District 6 Commissioner Bakari F. Burns and Police Chief Orlando Rolόn will join residents from the Richmond Estates neighborhood to unveil the one of the new Tables of Connection in Prince Hall Park. At the unveiling, residents will also receive a formal demonstration on how to use the table.

The “Tables of Connection” are picnic tables that are solar powered, shaded and outfitted with a Wi-Fi hotspot and charging station, connecting residents to the internet, and allowing them to charge up to four wireless devices and power four laptops at once. As part of the project, a second table was also installed in Willows Park, located in District 5.

The tables will be equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots and charging stations that will allow residents to connect to the internet, charge up to four wireless devices, and power four laptops all at the same time.

The Specific’s and Services

The tables will bring needed connecting to these two areas in which 57% and 33% of residents. Respectively, lack broadband service, much higher than the City of Orlando’s average of 18%. Rated for 175 mph winds, each table can provide critically important services to residents after a disaster. Allowing people to charge phones, call loved ones, restore services, and get access to emergency information during a power outage.

Tables of Connection

The “Tables of Connection” project was made possible with $20,000 awarded through the AARP Community Challenge Grant focused on providing funding. A quick way to take action to help the Orlando community.

This project advances the City of Orlando’s Future Ready Master Plan and the Livable Orlando. An Age-Friendly initiative to further ensure residents of all ages. Abilities and backgrounds have equitable access to amenities in Orlando.

Orlando installed solar-powered

Benefits Of Solar Power Picnic Tables

As mobile devices get thinner, batteries get slimmer. Screens get bigger, chips get faster and usage and dependence increase, keeping them charged presents a significant challenge.  Sun Charge Systems has created an innovative line of solar powered charging stations that allow users to plug in. Charge up and stay connected; even when common electrical outlets aren’t available.

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