Orlando Fringe Embraces A Refreshed Identity For The Winter Festival – Welcome Fest

Orlando Fringe Embraces A Refreshed Identity For The Winter Festival – Welcome FestN4

Orlando Fringe embraces a refreshed identity for the Winter Festival. Orlando Fringe is preparing to kick off the coming year with an exciting reinvention of a beloved tradition.

Previously recognized as the Winter Mini-Fest, Orlando Fringe’s renowned January arts festival has experienced a remarkable transformation and is now known as “FestN4.” Despite the name alteration, one enduring element remains unchanged: this festival remains a secure sanctuary for groundbreaking and intellectually stimulating art.

Fringe Fest Names Winter Festival “FestN4”

FestN4 is slated to take place from January 11th to 14th, 2024, and will be hosted at the newly established Fringe ArtSpace venue, conveniently located at 54 W. Church St. in the heart of downtown Orlando.

“FestN4 is far more than just another Orlando Fringe Festival; it represents a dynamic and meticulously curated celebration of the arts. We are absolutely delighted to reintroduce crowd-pleasers, spotlight award-winning performances discovered from other Fringe Festivals, and extend a warm welcome to fresh voices that epitomize the genuine essence of Fringe,” affirmed festival producer Tempestt Halstead to local sources.

Alluring Offerings

The forthcoming program promises an art market, alluring offerings at the Fringe ArtSpace bar, and a remarkable assortment of over 20 live productions spread across the four-day festival.

Among the spotlighted live presentations are “A One Woman Titanic Parody in 59 Minutes or Less” by Bikini Katie Productions, “Becoming Grandma Kat” by Florida Deaf Theatre Project, “Caught” by Raise the Stakes Theatre, “Malunderstood” by KS Presents, “Rat Academy” by Bat Rabbit Productions, and a host of other captivating performances.

To cater to the younger audience, FestN4 will dedicate a special day to children on January 13th. This particular day will feature enchanting performances such as “Stanley the Lemonade Stand” by Vendor Productions and “El Mago Astronauta” by Play and Art Studio.

Tickets Are Available For Purchase

For those eager to partake in this extraordinary display of talent, tickets for each FestN4 show are attractively priced at $15, with the exception of the children’s shows, which are available at a nominal $5. Tickets are readily accessible for online purchase.

As FestN4 takes center stage in 2024, it commits to upholding its legacy as a vibrant and inclusive platform for artistic expression, all within the warm embrace of Orlando’s thriving arts community.

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