Orlando-Based Home Chef Shines On ‘The Great American Recipe’ Season Two

Orlando-Based Home Chef Shines on ‘The Great American Recipe’ Season Two

Orlando-based home chef shines on ‘The Great American Recipe’ season two. The journey of Salmah Hack from her cherished New York City neighborhood to the heart of Florida was nothing short of transformative. Leaving behind her beloved family and the deep cultural heritage of Little Guyana was a large undertaking. Growing up in Little Guyana, Salmah’s life was deeply entwined with her family’s traditions and culinary heritage. So much so that her bedroom was practically an extension of the kitchen, with the two spaces merging effortlessly.

Back in 2005, Salmah made a fundamental decision to relocate to Central Florida, her husband’s newly adopted home. This transition required adjusting to a different environment and grappling with the challenge of sourcing essential curry powders and seasonings in her unfamiliar atmosphere. Fast forward to today, and Salmah Hack stood as a proud representative of Orlando and her vibrant cultural heritage, competing as a contestant on the second season of PBS’s ‘The Great American Recipe.’

The Great American Recipe

The show made its debut in June of last year and has a noble mission; to celebrate the diverse tapestry of American cuisine and the multiculturalism that defines it. Setting itself apart from countless other professional cooking competitions, ‘The Great American Recipe’ shines a spotlight on talented home chefs, people whose passion for cooking shines through their culinary creations.

For Salmah Hack, a project manager by profession, the show serves as an opportunity to share her personal narrative through the medium of food. She explained, “Each week, I had the privilege of preparing a dish centered around a theme that encapsulated my family, culture, background, and upbringing.”

In the first three episodes, Salmah showcases delectable recipes like Geera lamb chops and hummus, vamazelli (a sweet vermicelli noodle cake), and kitchri paired with stewed chicken.

An Emotional Pinnacle

The emotional pinnacle arrives in the third episode when Salmah introduces her kitchri dish, tears welling up in her eyes as she connects the meal with the comforting embrace of her grandmother. Guyanese cuisine, while not widely recognized, is a source of immense pride for Salmah, as she introduces it to a broader audience. Since the season aired, she had been inundated with messages from viewers around the world, from Canada and England to her homeland of Guyana. These messages express appreciation for her role in representing a culture that is seldom showcased on television.

Although the season has concluded, viewers can share in Salmah Hack’s inspiring journey during ‘The Great American Recipe’ which are currently available to watch on PBS.

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