Orlando Artists Are The Heart Of The City

Orlando Artists Are The Heart Of The City

Orlando Artists are the heart of the city. Around the globe, Orlando is known for its theme parks and various other entertainment options. However, the real magic of Central Florida can also be found in artists and the vibrant art scene.

Central Florida is an abundant and vibrant cultural experience with beautiful communities that have molded Central Florida for decades. Behind every exhibition, entertainment venue, and show are freelance artists who desire to keep creating and flourishing here in Orlando. But it truly takes a community of local artists and culture workers and we must all offer up our support. Many Orlando artists experience difficulties with remaining full-time artists. The gaps of access become even wider when artists are self-taught or come from disregarded communities.

Additionally, millions of freelance artists around the globe are still recovering from the impact that COVID-19 had on local art scenes. In 2020, jobs for artists dropped by more than 50 percent. Job have recovered since then but investments in local arts are still desperately needed.

How To Support Orlando Artists

One of the easiest ways to support Orlando artists is to intentionally help. You can begin collecting or buying local artwork. Lots of artists exhibit their works at galleries around Orlando, farmer’s markets, and various pop-up events around the city.

Consider looking for local artists on social media and support their artwork through their website or online shop. If you can’t afford to purchase a piece of art, subscribe to your favorite artist’s newsletter, social media accounts, or attend one of their upcoming exhibits. Every last Saturday, Three Maska Gallery hosts an art talk and City Arts Gallery has an opening night every third Thursday of the month. There are a ton of events that feature local artists for you to show support. Check out our events page for more upcoming events related to local art.

Commissioning art is another huge action you can take. Commissioning an artist is when you approach them and ask them to create something unique, just for you. Try to use a free online payment processor if possible. Also, there are payment options you can utilize to ensure your payment reaches the artist quickly.  A lot of artists, especially freelance artists, live paycheck to paycheck, so, a fast payment can have a big impact on their day-to-day life.

Have Extra Space?

Consider donating any extra or unused space to a local artist or artists as workspace. For example, if a part of your office, restaurant, brewery, etc. has an unused event space, invite artists to come in and use the space as a creative work environment. You can even create your own free event to have others come out and watch the perspective artist in action. This can help draw customers to your business as well as offer a way for a local artist to meet their community, garner support, and hopefully sell some art. If this sounds interesting to you, be sure you send us your event details and we can publish them on our events page.

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